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If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Our Sweetest Obsessions Contemporary Romance Collection will take you on a wild ride! Read 24 breathtaking love stories written by some of today’s hottest best-selling and rising authors. Now only 99c!

Visit the romantic sunny shores of the Atlantic, from Maine to Miami. Enjoy the steamy, southern hospitality of Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Louisiana. Feel the slow sizzling heat of Texas and Arizona. Be seduced by the bright lights and hustle of New York City and Los Angeles. And finally, sink into the turquoise ocean waters of the Maldives.

You can find these locations of love and everywhere in between…only brought to you by these authors and their novels:

(Heat Level: ?=clean, ?=steamy, ??=explicit, ???=multiple explicit scenes)

Pleasurable Secrets

She’s my dirty little secret.

Victoria is my undoing. She’s also my best friend’s sister. Victoria wants to keep our love a secret. Will Victoria reveal our love and come clean to the world?

??? Best Friend’s Sister Romance by Posey Parks

Lemon Tarts & Stolen Hearts 

When life gives you lemons, squeeze those suckers and make something sweet out of them.

Misty Greene has only ever fallen head over heels for two things… her mama’s homemade lemon tarts and her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Jake Duncan. The lemon tarts are easy to replicate. The feelings she’s carried for Jake Duncan? Not so much. 

?? Contemporary Small Town Romance by Dylann Crush

His Fake GF

Aaron Patterson. Cold. Controlling. Domineering jerk. CEO of our rival company…And my new fake boyfriend.

When Aaron Patterson, New York’s most brilliant marketing CEO, asks Audrey Miller to pose as his fake girlfriend, she has a few ground rules. No sex and no more trying to buy out her family’s business. But as she gets to know the man she’s sworn to hate, Audrey begins to suspect her heart just might get the better of her.

??? Enemies to Lovers Romance by Jolie Day

Chasing Casey 

Two men. One woman. One impossible choice.

Country girl, Casey, finds herself torn between rocker AJ Morello and her family’s ranch hand, Austin Krehley. Two different men hold different pieces of her heart, but she can only choose one. 

??? Love Triangle by Jane Anthony

Drowning in You

He has a choice to make. Face his fear… or watch her die.

The death of her best friend hits Rose Gowan hard and she’s not sure she’s brave enough to let anyone into her life until she meets the lead detective on the case. Detective Carter Dixson vows to ease Rose’s pain in any way he can, especially by solving her friend’s case. He only hopes he doesn’t lose Rose the same way he lost his brother. 

? Romantic Suspense by Amanda Siegrist and Jane Blythe

Gorgeous Baller

A hot baller and the woman who saved him get a second chance.

He’s the crush from my past who’s now off-limits…but what if he’s exactly what I need?

??? Second Chance Romance by Melissa Belle

Deep End

Can a love found in the darkness survive the light?

At first, Grady doesn’t want anything to do with Cassidy but once he gives in, he soon learns that he can’t get enough of her. Every step Grady takes forward, Cassidy takes two back. She needs to guard her heart, for she knows that once Grady regains his sight, she can never see him again.

??? Heartfelt Romance Suspense by Michelle Iannarelli

Secret Crush 

David began to have real feelings for Lavin. She appeared very interested, but not in him, it was Heath, she had a secret crush on.

?? Contemporary Romance by Renee Lee Fisher

Escaping Purgatory 

A road trip with a handsome stranger? Yes, please. 

When a fed up restaurant owner impulse buys a luxury food truck to spite a celebrity chef, and takes off for a road trip adventure, she wasn’t expecting to find her mise-en-piece. 

? Romantic Comedy, featuring a Second Chance Romance by Kristi Adams 

Hard as Stone 

Austin is everything I could want, but nothing I should need.

Once Austin Doyle enters Samantha Stone’s life, she’s forced to reevaluate her future. But will she choose her career or him?

?? Contemporary Romance by MJ Masucci


She just scored the interview of a lifetime, but she’ll have to spend the night with a dirty talkin’ cowboy to get it.  

?? Contemporary Romance by Kate Kisset

Our Song 

This time, Jaxon doesn’t want to steal anything from Kayla. He wants to give her something instead: the over-his-knee discipline she needs.

Pop sensation Kayla Monroe has just been informed by her record label that her next collaboration will be with the infamous rock star Jaxon Brady the man who stole everything from her. 

??? Second Chance Rockstar Romance by Samantha Morgan

Girl in a Country Song 

Just a boy and a girl in a country song. 

Falling for your best friend, who just happens to be an up and coming country star, is probably not the best idea.

? Second Chance Country Music Star Romance by Avelyn Paige

The Middle Road

Sometimes it takes dying to remind you that you’re alive. 

When Carter George receives life-altering news, he realizes he hasn’t really lived at all. He sets out on an adventure to find himself and maybe, just maybe, find the truest love he never knew he wanted. 

??? Second Chance Billionaire Romance by K.G. Reuss and C.M. Lally

Sweetest Risk 

He’ll make the sweetest risk this holiday season. 

Graham isn’t in Pelican Bay for long, but his time there will have lasting effects. When he has to make a decision to last a life time will he take the sweetest risk or play it safe?  

??? Romantic Suspense by Megan Matthews


Has their journey come to an end or will they continue their duet?

If Dani can’t let her guard down and accept Nate’s help, their journey might come to an end. Has this duet hit a sour note or can their song continue? 

??? New Adult Romance by Emily Robertson

Someone Worth Protecting

He’s famous. She’s a fighter. Together they’re fearless.

Rex is Hollywood’s hottest action star, exactly the reason he won’t tarnish his image with a bodyguard…until he meets Lacey, a highly trained bodyguard who’ll pretend to be his assistant while watching his back. But just because Rex and Lacey agree to the terms of their relationship doesn’t mean desire will play by the rules. 

? Fake Relationship Romance by Heather Thurmeier

Sugar & Spice

Temptation never looked so sweet…

The spoiled youngest son of a billionaire theme-park owner is forced to go undercover to find out which Sweetopia employee is organizing a strike. Cy doesn’t expect to meet someone…nor does he expect to have to choose between her and his family…

??? Billionaire Undercover Boss Romance by Phoebe Alexander


Surviving was only the beginning

Tuck Frazier, an apache pilot injured in war, comes back home. His former love has a stalker, who threatens both their lives. Now fighting for survival they both learn to love again.

??? Military Romantic Suspense/Second Chance Romance by Shannon Nemechek

Sweet Temptations

They say all is fair in love and war…

When things get hot in the kitchen between two competing pastry chefs, they quickly learn that there’s a thin line between love and hate. Can they get over their tumultuous past to build a future? Or should they just walk away before they destroy each other’s careers?

??? Enemies to Lovers Romance by Laura Lee

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