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Hi sugars.

I’m at that stage where I’m barely sleeping! His Fake GF, my enemies-to-lovers romance in the Sweetest Obsessions boxed set, is still $0.99 but only until midnight! Fingers crossed you’ve ordered it.

⭐️ 100+ 5-star reviews.
? Thousands of downloads.
? $100 worth of books.
❤️ 20+ epic romance stories.

Here’s an excerpt. I hope you enjoy!!

I stood at the window, naked, staring out at the New York skyline.

Even as the clock had ticked closer to midnight, I’d found myself wide awake, and I had eventually given up on getting to bed at a decent hour. My mind raced with the plans I had for the next day. Plans that would take me far away from the expensive hotel room I was currently staying in. Far away from the sleeping woman I’d be leaving in a few minutes.

I hadn’t caught her name, a rarity for me, but not necessarily unheard of. She’d provided me with the distraction I needed from my demanding work life, and I’d provided her with an evening of explosive orgasms she could gush about to her other single friends. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement of the oldest and simplest kind.

“You sure we haven’t met before?” she’d asked as she’d slithered closer, pressing her hot, slender body against my side. “I swear I’ve seen you around.”

Of course she had. Hell, everyone had. That spread Forbes Magazine had done on me last year had skyrocketed my already considerable notoriety, making it difficult to hide that I was the Aaron Patterson, advertising mogul, and so-called boy-genius.

At thirty-two, I was hardly a “boy” anymore, but the name had stuck with me through college and, after years of trying to shake it off, I had leaned into it. It reminded people that I was the youngest self-made billionaire in New York, that I was still hungry, still full of new ideas, and wild innovations. And, if they still managed to forget, I was all too happy to remind them.

“I’m sure,” I had said. Tonight, I hadn’t wanted to be Aaron Patterson. Tonight, I’d wanted to be a nameless stranger who gave this woman the time of her life—someone who could let go and enjoy the night, enjoy her.

End of preview.

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Over 100 5-star reviews in only 2 days!

Reviews are pouring in from readers…
And they love the books in the Sweetest Obsessions Boxed Set.

Don’t miss your opportunity to get this fantastic set for just .99 cents. My latest book, His Fake GF, is one of the 20+ books in this set! In a few days, the price goes up, up, up, and this deal is gone forever.

Here’s what some of our readers are saying:

…deserves more than 5 stars – I loved every single minute of it!

So many awesome authors contributed to create a legendary boxset.

Once you start reading you won’t be able to put it down.

Loved it!!?

A bouquet of sexiness!

OH MYLANTA! If you love contemporary romance, especially from the likes of Phoebe Alexander, India Kells, and Dani Rene to just name a few, then you will absolutely have to have The Sweetest Obsessions Boxed Set Collection on your shelf.

I highly recommend this collection and feel that it easily meets the 5-star standard.

…full-length stories packed with romance and hotness!

The story has once again shown why Jolie Day is my ultimate favourite author. She makes my day everytime she brings out a new story. Drama, suspense, romance and love – an all-in-one.

I devoured this.

This collection of stories are a must read!

Laura Lee has the knock with giving you the sweet with the sexy…

Sweetest Obsessions is an excellent collection of steamy and romantic stories. I loved the variety of authors featured in this set.

This box set offers a lot of variety, which I feel means that there is something for everyone.

You won’t be disappointed!

One of my go-to authors, Kate Kisset, has provided a story, Heartbreaker, for this collection and it’s a good one.

Sweetest Obsessions helped me discover so many great new authors!

Sweetest Risk, by Megan Matthews – Hooked from page 1. Devoured it in one sitting. The characters were brilliant and I just love Matthews writing style.

I loved every minute of Someone Worth Protecting and highly recommend this anthology based on this story alone.

Another grand slam!!!! Honestly, there has not been one single book that I have read from Ms. Alexander that have not loved!!!

This boxset is AMAZING.

One book stands out for me, and that book is by Jolie Day called His Fake GF. Loved it from page one.

Great collection of many of my favorite authors!

I am such a Phoebe fan. This lady can WRITE!

As with all of MJ Masucci’s stories, the steamy scenes are STEAMY.

…off the charts HOT.

These stories are all incredible in their own way, and I recommend that you read them all!!

Talk about twisted! Holy smokes Amanda Siegrist and Jane Blythe sucked me right into it with Drowning in You.

5 ++++++++ Stars

Holy cow!!! Jolie Day has really outdone it with this one. Great job.

I highly recommend you this anthology, its the perfect opportunity to discover new author and fall in love with their stories.

Emily Robertson is an incredible writer. She has managed to put together this couple, pull you into their romance and as you see it grow, you can’t help but smile.

Gorgeous Baller, by Melissa Belle, is another fantastic love story.

Girl in a Country Song was absolutely my favorite. Must read!!

This is a great collection by some very talented authors.

With this entire box set of goodies, stretch out on the couch and enjoy the variety!

You only have until Sunday 8/25/2019 to grab it at this price. 1-click it now & read immediately!

It’s a Scavenger Hunt

?☆☆☆ It’s a SCAVENGER HUNT ☆☆☆?

Join us for The Sweetest Obsessions Scavenger Hunt – August 20th to 25th for a chance to win a $75.00 Amazon Gift Card.

You’ll scour the Sweetest Obsessions Party Room, the Sweetest Obsessions website and websites of authors whose books are part of the Sweetest Obsessions Boxed Set. Questions will vary, but all answers are obtainable if you hunt in the right spot.

The prize is an Amazon Gift Card in the value of $75.00.

Start the hunt here:

The rules:

1. This event runs from August 20th to Midnight EST, August 25th
2. You must answer all questions to be eligible.
3. You can only submit this form once. Duplicate entries will
be deleted.
4. This is only open to US Residents.
5. All answers must be correct to be eligible for a chance to
6. Winner will be selected randomly from all eligible entries.

It’s Live!

The wait is over…
Sweetest Obsessions is LIVE!

Are you ready for the most anticipated Contemporary Romance Collection of the Summer?

Grab your copy now, meet 24 swoon worthy book boyfriends, and decide which one is your favorite! Read breathtaking love stories written by some of today’s hottest best-selling and rising authors.

For those of you who purchased during the preorder period, it should’ve hit your eReaders already. For those of you who haven’t, get it now.

It’s still $0.99 but only until the 25th!

This collection includes my standalone book “His Fake GF,” an enemies-to-lovers romance dripping with sexual tension (and sure to make you toss off your panties!).

His Fake GF

Aaron Patterson. 
Cold. Controlling. Domineering jerk. 
CEO of our rival company
…And my new fake boyfriend.

When Aaron Patterson, New York’s most brilliant marketing CEO, asks Audrey Miller to pose as his fake girlfriend, she has a few ground rules. No sex and no more trying to buy out her family’s business. But as she gets to know the man she’s sworn to hate, Audrey begins to suspect her heart just might get the better of her.

??? Enemies to Lovers Romance by Jolie Day

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Who’s coming?

??? Release Party Invitation for August, 20th 2019 ???

A whole day of sweet partying with the Sweetest Obsessions authors!
Grab a coffee, strap yourself in, and join us for tons of FUN, cool SWAG, and many GIVEAWAYS!

Tomorrow, August 20th, 2019, we’re going to party hard to celebrate the release of the Sweetest Obsessions boxed set – and you can’t have dozens of chances to win stuff and download FREEBIES if you don’t join us.

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➡️ August 20th 3pm – 10pm EST

3:00 PM Megan Matthews
3:30 PM Jolie Day
4:00 PM Jo-Anne Joseph
4:30 PM Kate Kisset
5:00 PM Posey Parks
5:30 PM Samantha Morgan
6:00 PM Shannon Nemechek
6:30 PM Dylann Crush
7:00 PM India Kells
7:30 PM Laura Lee
8:00 PM Amanda Siegrist
8:30 PM Heather Thurmeier
9:00 PM Phoebe Alexander
9:30 PM Jane Blythe

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3:00 PM Andy Wayne
3:30 PM Dani René
4:00 PM Kristi Adams
4:30 PM Renee Lee Fisher
5:00 PM Melissa Belle
5:30 PM Maddie Wade
6:00 PM MJ Masucci
6:30 PM Emily Robertson
7:00 PM KG Reuss
7:30 PM Jane Anthony
8:00 PM Michelle Iannarelli
8:30 PM Victoria Pinder
9:00 PM Avelyn Paige
9:30 PM CM Lally

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Don’t miss it! Bring your own bestie. See you there!

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Sweetest Obsessions Countdown 1 day – His Fake GF


An Enemies to Lovers Romance
By Jolie Day

Aaron Patterson.
Cold. Controlling. Domineering jerk.
CEO of our rival company.
…And my new fake boyfriend.

When Aaron Patterson, New York’s most brilliant marketing CEO, asks Audrey Miller to pose as his fake girlfriend, she has a few ground rules. No sex and no more trying to buy out her family’s business. But as she gets to know the man she’s sworn to hate, Audrey begins to suspect her heart just might get the better of her.

Heat Level: ??? = multiple explicit scenes

Preorder your copy: Sweetest Obsessions

The Author

About Jolie Day:

From a sexy alpha hero and laugh-out-loud moments to the happily-ever-after. If you stay up way too late reading steamy romance novels, then you’re in the right place!

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a book in my hands. This love of reading turned into a love for writing and, after graduation, I’ve worked as an editor for a few small publications. That’s how I ended up becoming an author.

Love and Hope are the most important words in my life and in my novels. I am a hopeless romantic who firmly believes in the power of love. My absolute favorite genre to write is romance, more specifically alpha men and bad boy novels, combined with a touch of romantic suspense.

Do you want to read about the knight in shining armor willing to do anything to protect his woman? Then my books are for you. 

Sweetest Obsessions Countdown 2 days – TORN


An Military Romantic Suspense & Second Chance Romance
By Shannon Nemechek

Surviving was only the beginning

Riley Andrews is a feisty Apache pilot with a stalker, and he wanted me out of the picture. I’m Tuck Frazier, a retired Apache Pilot and one of Riley’s old flames, to be honest, we went out on a blind date before I deployed but we never well, you know. 

One thing you gotta know about Apache Pilots, is we have one thing in common…. WE NEED EXCITEMENT. And this Woman has EXCITEMENT written all over her. What I didn’t expect was A fight for SURVIVAL. 

Now all I had to do was keep her alive long enough to show her how EXCITING I can be.

Heat Level: ??? = multiple explicit scenes

Preorder your copy: Sweetest Obsessions

The Author

About Shannon Nemechek:

Shannon started her writing career while still serving in the US Army. As an NCO in the Army she lead and trained soldiers. 

Shannon grew up in Macomb, IL where she graduated from High School in 1987 and soon after joined the US Army. Shannon served from 1987 to 2015 during Operation Desert Storm and during Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

In April 2015 Shannon retired from the US Army with 23 years of service as a Unit Supply Sergeant in several Army units overseas and the United States. She served as a US Army Recruiter for 4 years and She holds a degree in clinical psychology and has been awarded multiple awards during her Army service. She is a mother of 4 children and a grandma to 2 beautiful Grand-daughters. 

She has been married 25 years to her husband, Ken. They reside in Staunton, IL a small town along Old Route 66.

Sweetest Obsessions Countdown 3 days – Our Song


A Second Chance Rockstar Romance
By Samantha Morgan

This time, Jaxon doesn’t want to steal anything from Kayla.
He wants to give her something instead:
The over-his-knee discipline she needs.

When pop sensation Kayla is informed by her record label that her next collaboration will be with the infamous Jaxon Brady she’s furious to say the least. She’s supposed to hate him. He stole everything from her. And no matter how hard she tries, she can’t get it back. It was an evil thing to do and she’s resolved never to forgive him. 

There was something about him though. 

It was those eyes, the way he looked at her. His lips, the way his voice made her weak in the knees. He made her feel like she was the only girl in the room. Being forced to maintain a façade of friendship in public for marketing purposes is hard enough, but a surprise kiss under the moonlight only leaves her confused and conflicted. 

Jaxon Brady has known Kayla for years, and despite her bratty attitude toward everything and everyone, he wants more than a work relationship with the maddening woman. He wants to have her over his lap, giving her the discipline he knows she needs so desperately. But that’s dangerous. If he’s wrong, he might lose her forever. 

As they spend more time together, Kayla realizes that perhaps she has spent her time hating someone she doesn’t even really know. Jaxon might just be the one. She can’t control herself around him and he makes her feel so special, his ways so different from any other man she’s known. But are her new feelings enough to overcome her difficult past with the man – or do they just complicate it?

Heat Level: ??? = multiple explicit scenes

Preorder your copy: Sweetest Obsessions

The Author

About Samantha Morgan:

Hey! So my name is Samantha, and I’m a part time romance author, who attends classes during the day, and writes sinful seductive romantic by night. When I’m not in school studying for my NASM Certification, I also work as a portrait photographer at a small local studio near the parks of Ohio.

Some fun facts about me are that I love apple martinis and my favorite movies are Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Matrix and Star Wars. I’m a gamer girl too. If you can believe it, I have more video game consoles then I do shoes! Animals are close to my heart; I have a wild old female, dark brown dachshund named Nikki who still acts like a puppy and I’ve always dreamed about having a dragon.

My favorite thing to do is to write sinfully, seductive stories that will melt your panties off, and emotional stories that will make you cry, and rejoice when the hero gets the girl in the end.

Sweetest Obsessions Countdown 4 days – Sugar & Spice


A Billionaire / Undercover Boss Romance
By Phoebe Alexander

Temptation never looked so sweet.

I’d always been the black sheep of the family. No wonder they picked me to play undercover boss at Sweetopia, the theme park my family owned. While they lounged in the lap of luxury, I’d be donning an apron to serve pastries at Cotton Candy Castle, one of our most popular attractions.

But I was tempted to blow my cover when I met The Red Velvet Queen. She was wearing a costume and a fake jeweled crown, but this woman was absolutely breathtaking. I invented a baker’s dozen reasons to talk to her every day, quickly becoming addicted to her sweet, sugary goodness.

She thought I was just seasonal help. Too bad I was actually her boss. It could never be more than a fling…a fleeting one at that. Flings were what I lived for, so why couldn’t I settle for just one slice instead of wanting the whole damn pie?

Heat Level: ??? = multiple explicit scenes

Preorder your copy: Sweetest Obsessions

The Author

About Phoebe Alexander:

Phoebe Alexander writes #sexpositive#bodypositive erotic romance featuring compelling plots intertwined with passionate, fiery encounters. She believes that real, relatable characters can have even steamier sex than billionaires, rock stars, and the young and lithe-bodied. She also advocates for ethical non-monogamy through her writing. 

Phoebe lives on the East Coast with her husband, sons, and multiple felines. When she’s not writing, she works as an editor and consultant for indie authors. She also volunteers her time running a 3000-member indie author support group. Free time is her single greatest fantasy, and if she happens to have a moment she spends it at the beach, traveling, shopping or…wait, who are we kidding? That’s about all she ever gets a chance to do.