Everyone’s a Winner!

Dear Readers,

Today, I have a wonderful offer.

Today, EVERYONE is a winner.

Would you be interested in automatically winning your choice of up to 3 audiobooks or 3 ebooks by USA Today Bestselling Author Jenny Foster?

This isn’t a contest!

This is so easy to get it’s ridiculous.

We are contacting our true readers. Those who have been with us from the beginning or who are on my ARC team. As you know, I’m in a boxset that is going for USA Today letters. It’s no easy task. As a group, the Sweetest Obsessions authors have to sell 500 books on Barnes and Noble, 500 books on iBooks and 4000+ books on Amazon.

Overwhelming, right? Imagine how we feel.

We are 100 books shy of meeting our Barnes and Noble goal.

I know, most of you don’t buy books on Barnes and Noble. That’s why we need your help. Jump on this opportunity. It will be worth it. Our boxset Sweetest Obsessions is only 99 cents, and it is super easy to order if you don’t know how or don’t have an account on Barnes and Noble! All you need is an email address!

And this is where you have the chance to help and win!

Buy 1 copy of Sweetest Obsessions on Barnes and Noble (or get 1 person to buy Sweetest Obsessions on Barnes and Noble) – new sales in the US only – and you automatically win 1 of 3 audiobooks/ebooks of your choice!

Buy 1 copy, get 1 audiobook/ebook of your choice.
Buy 2 copies, get 2 audiobooks/ebooks of your choice.
Buy 3 copies, get all 3 audiobooks/ebooks!

That’s right, you can win all 3 audiobooks or ebooks. All you have to do is buy a copy, and/or contact your friends and family and ask them to purchase Sweetest Obsessions on Barnes and Noble for ONLY 99 CENTS!

That’s only 99 PENNIES to get you an audiobook valued at about $18.00 USD on the Audible store!

How can anybody say no?

All you have to do is:

1. Go to the Barnes and Noble site and create an account with your email address (only US).

2. Pre-order Sweetest Obsessions for 99C on Barnes and Noble.

3. Send a screenshot to jolie@allromancepublishing.com.

That’s it!

Once you send me the screenshot(s), you will have your choice of which audiobook(s) you want Jenny to give you website-access to (click here for more info on the books and listen to the samples), or which ebook(s) Jenny can send you! It’s THAT EASY!

Now….who’s in?

But hurry! This offer is only available until Sunday, August 4th 2019.

The good news is because Jolie’s readers KICK SO MUCH ASS, we already met almost half the goal with our last giveaway.

There’s no contest here.

EVERYONE is a winner.

Even if you already bought your copy on Amazon, please consider to buy another copy on Barnes and Noble. If you already bought a copy on Barnes and Noble during the last giveaway, you’re amazing ❤️, please consider asking your family, a neighbor or a friend for help. Barnes and Noble makes it really easy. You just need an email address, and it only takes 3 minutes.

Thank you!


1. Yes, you will be able to download the audiobook from Jenny Foster’s website – or you can listen on her website directly.

2. The audiofile format is standard mp3, and you will be able to listen to it on ANY device.

3. The ebook comes as either standard mobi or epub file.

4. This offer is only available in the USA due to publishing rights (sorry UK, maybe you have a friend or family member in the US who would be willing to help out?).

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