Who’s coming?

??? Release Party Invitation for August, 20th 2019 ???

A whole day of sweet partying with the Sweetest Obsessions authors!
Grab a coffee, strap yourself in, and join us for tons of FUN, cool SWAG, and many GIVEAWAYS!

Tomorrow, August 20th, 2019, we’re going to party hard to celebrate the release of the Sweetest Obsessions boxed set – and you can’t have dozens of chances to win stuff and download FREEBIES if you don’t join us.

You can check the line-up for our 2 Release Parties right here!

➡️ August 20th 3pm – 10pm EST

3:00 PM Megan Matthews
3:30 PM Jolie Day
4:00 PM Jo-Anne Joseph
4:30 PM Kate Kisset
5:00 PM Posey Parks
5:30 PM Samantha Morgan
6:00 PM Shannon Nemechek
6:30 PM Dylann Crush
7:00 PM India Kells
7:30 PM Laura Lee
8:00 PM Amanda Siegrist
8:30 PM Heather Thurmeier
9:00 PM Phoebe Alexander
9:30 PM Jane Blythe

? JOIN PARTYROOM 1 HERE: 1-Click Addict Support Group


3:00 PM Andy Wayne
3:30 PM Dani René
4:00 PM Kristi Adams
4:30 PM Renee Lee Fisher
5:00 PM Melissa Belle
5:30 PM Maddie Wade
6:00 PM MJ Masucci
6:30 PM Emily Robertson
7:00 PM KG Reuss
7:30 PM Jane Anthony
8:00 PM Michelle Iannarelli
8:30 PM Victoria Pinder
9:00 PM Avelyn Paige
9:30 PM CM Lally

? JOIN PARTYROOM 2 HERE: Sweetest Obsessions Party Room

Don’t miss it! Bring your own bestie. See you there!

P.S.: WARNING ? Today is the LAST DAY to preorder Sweetest Obsessions AND get the freebies: “Sweet Indulgence”, a yummy recipe book by the authors and 16 additional free ebooks. That’s 40+ books for only 99C! How sweet is that? Don’t miss out on this great deal, because tomorrow, August 20th, the preorder period is over.
??? Grab your copy and the freebies now: http://bit.ly/sweetestobsessions

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