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Hi sugars.

I’m at that stage where I’m barely sleeping! His Fake GF, my enemies-to-lovers romance in the Sweetest Obsessions boxed set, is still $0.99 but only until midnight! Fingers crossed you’ve ordered it.

⭐️ 100+ 5-star reviews.
? Thousands of downloads.
? $100 worth of books.
❤️ 20+ epic romance stories.

Here’s an excerpt. I hope you enjoy!!

I stood at the window, naked, staring out at the New York skyline.

Even as the clock had ticked closer to midnight, I’d found myself wide awake, and I had eventually given up on getting to bed at a decent hour. My mind raced with the plans I had for the next day. Plans that would take me far away from the expensive hotel room I was currently staying in. Far away from the sleeping woman I’d be leaving in a few minutes.

I hadn’t caught her name, a rarity for me, but not necessarily unheard of. She’d provided me with the distraction I needed from my demanding work life, and I’d provided her with an evening of explosive orgasms she could gush about to her other single friends. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement of the oldest and simplest kind.

“You sure we haven’t met before?” she’d asked as she’d slithered closer, pressing her hot, slender body against my side. “I swear I’ve seen you around.”

Of course she had. Hell, everyone had. That spread Forbes Magazine had done on me last year had skyrocketed my already considerable notoriety, making it difficult to hide that I was the Aaron Patterson, advertising mogul, and so-called boy-genius.

At thirty-two, I was hardly a “boy” anymore, but the name had stuck with me through college and, after years of trying to shake it off, I had leaned into it. It reminded people that I was the youngest self-made billionaire in New York, that I was still hungry, still full of new ideas, and wild innovations. And, if they still managed to forget, I was all too happy to remind them.

“I’m sure,” I had said. Tonight, I hadn’t wanted to be Aaron Patterson. Tonight, I’d wanted to be a nameless stranger who gave this woman the time of her life—someone who could let go and enjoy the night, enjoy her.

End of preview.

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