MAX is live!

Hop on for this thrilling ride!

Get ready to read—My newest book is now available!

After losing his father to the leader of his former MC gang, dark and dangerous Max swears to end the life of the man who’s taken everything from him. When he returns to town, he has only one place to stay—Carlisle’s Pub, run by Regina Carlisle, the beautiful owner and barmaid.  She is hesitant to give him the time of day.

Until passion takes over. 

And that’s when the danger truly starts. 

My new book, MAX, is hitting the road! Take a quick spin (more info here, free preview here). And hold on tight—things are about to get bumpy!

Want to know more?

Get the full book here on Amazon (paid link) for a special new re-release discount. Act now—it’s only for a limited time! Soon available on Audible.

Originally titled Outlaw. This is the heavily revised 2020 edition. Max is book 1 in the new Outlaw biker series. Out now!

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