Get ready to have the wind in your hair! VORN is live.

Today is a day to celebrate: My newest romance is ready for you!

One look at him, and she’s a giddy teenage girl again, weak in the knees and checking for lipstick on her teeth. 

Meet April and Vorn and fall in love with this action-packed story. Don’t forget to hold on tight—things are about to get hot and steamy…

Who is VORN? 

MC biker president.
A shit ton of tattoos. Blue-green eyes.
“Don’t f*ck with me” attitude.
Feared, uncompromising, possessive. 

What is VORN about?

Life with an MC boss like me isn’t easy. I do whatever the hell I’ve got to do to protect my club. Then she walks in: April Dawson. The woman I’ve loved since we were kids, long before I sold my soul to the Devil. She’s got no business being in a place like this or with a man like me. So, what is she doing in my strip club? And why the hell is she up on stage?

Are you ready for a wild ride? Check out my new book, VORN, and go full throttle into the throes of passion. 

The early reviews are amazing! Big thank you for my ARC team. Every new release is nerve-wrecking, but you make it worth the while!

If you like dangerous MC biker president plots and second-chance romances, then you’ll love VORN. It’s my longest book yet with over 300 pages. Come read an excerpt here on my website and get curious about the climax (more than one, perhaps). Isn’t the cover breathtaking? Look how gorgeous it is! (I’m trying not to lick my computer screen). It was shot by the amazing Michelle Lancaster.

And now, buckle up, baby!

The book is free in Kindle Unlimited, available as an eBook, in paperback:
Don’t leave VORN waiting. (Amazon Paid Link)

P.S.: I have an audio announcement: I’m SUPER excited to announce that the narrators for VORN are Jason Clarke and Samantha Brentmoor! Yep, this book is narrated by my dream team! The audiobook will be available on Audible and iTunes in mid-2021.

More info and excerpt here: VORN

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