BOSS: The Wolf is live 🔥🔥🔥

Today’s the day. Boss: The Wolf is on the prowl!

You don’t get a name like “The Wolf” by being a nice guy.

Alpha, masculine, cut-throat—Joel Embry knows what he wants in life. He’s driven by power, instinct, wealth, sex. He knows what he doesn’t want too: a relationship holding him back. 

When he hires a long-legged beauty from the UK, he doesn’t flinch.

Not at first, at least…

Find out what happens next! Meet a sexy as sin billionaire, and take a peek into his dangerous bad boy biker past. 

Don’t leave him waiting!

You can download the book here on Amazon (paid link) at a release discount. Don’t wait too long or this deal won’t last.  If you prefer to listen, here’s some great news: the book will be available on audio soon. 

More info and excerpt? Meet BOSS: The Wolf here.

Audiobook coming soon! (more info)

TYLER is the man of the hour!

Check out my new release full of steam. TYLER is live!

Don’t have sex with your club boss’s sister. 
That’s MC code 101. 
Good thing I don’t play by the rules.

Tyler has been ordered to do an honorable job: protect the boss’s sister.

But his boss isn’t ordinary—he’s the head of the ruthless Hell’s Seven Motorcycle Club.

Tyler agrees to keep her safe.

Things go smoothly at first, but then she walks in on him—completely naked. Blinded by passion, Tyler puts down his guard. And she goes missing. Now he’s headed to the lion’s den to find her. And his life, and hers, depends on it. 

Get the full book here on Amazon (paid link) at a release discount. Don’t wait too long or this deal won’t last. 

More info and excerpt? Meet Tyler here.

Billionaire Baby DADDY is live!

Dear Readers,

It’s finally here: Billionaire Baby Daddy is ready for you!

Ella is in a terrible dilemma, caught in a custody battle with her ex-husband. Her only hope is to find her baby’s real father, the alpha, sexy, steamy billionaire and most eligible bachelor around.

He broke her heart once before.
Will he do it again?

Billionaire Baby DADDY is a stand-alone romance for fans of secret baby and second chance romance plots, dripping with sexual tension.

Steam Level: ??? = multiple explicit scenes, 
Full-length novel, 220 pages, no cliffhanger

The Billionaire Baby Daddy will see you now. 🙂
I can’t wait for you to read the book!

Get it for a limited time with this special release discount.

More info about the novel. Download your long free preview here. Audiobook coming soon!

Grab Billionaire Baby DADDY here on Amazon. (paid link)

SOLD: Highest Bidder is live!

Dear Readers,

The next book in my Oh Billionaires! series SOLD: Highest Bidder (who happens to ride a Harley and be part of the legendary Hell’s Seven) is here. If you love steamy hot alpha billionaires and tattooed bad boys, I’ve got you covered. Get ready to squeal!

Who is Joe Francis?

Successful CEO. Dominant. Dangerous. An ex member of the Hell’s Seven. A rich and powerful construction boss.

When he agrees to go to an auction where young women sell themselves to the highest bidder, he’s only there to close a business deal. He doesn’t expect to see Sophia—his late best friend’s sister—on the stage among the other women. But when an old MC gang rival begins to bid, Joe decides to get involved, winning the auction and the girl. 

He finds himself torn between giving in to his attraction or staying away like he swore he would.

SOLD is the first Highest Bidder romance I’ve written and a crossover with the new Outlaw Series. Writing this book was way fun and it’s probably my sexiest book yet!

More info about the novel. Download your long free preview here. Listen to an audiobook sample here on Bookfunnel.

Grab SOLD: Highest Bidder here (paid link) on Amazon.

P.S. For a limited time, you can get my short story The Biker for free. Access the entire version here! You can also download the free audiobook here! Don’t forget to use protection!

MAX is live!

Hop on for this thrilling ride!

Get ready to read—My newest book is now available!

After losing his father to the leader of his former MC gang, dark and dangerous Max swears to end the life of the man who’s taken everything from him. When he returns to town, he has only one place to stay—Carlisle’s Pub, run by Regina Carlisle, the beautiful owner and barmaid.  She is hesitant to give him the time of day.

Until passion takes over. 

And that’s when the danger truly starts. 

My new book, MAX, is hitting the road! Take a quick spin (more info here, free preview here). And hold on tight—things are about to get bumpy!

Want to know more?

Get the full book here on Amazon (paid link) for a special new re-release discount. Act now—it’s only for a limited time! Soon available on Audible.

Originally titled Outlaw. This is the heavily revised 2020 edition. Max is book 1 in the new Outlaw biker series. Out now!

Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby is live!

Today is a day to celebrate: 
My newest romance is ready for YOU!

And I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Naomi’s new boss isn’t new to her heart: Jonah Michaels. The one-night stand from a few years back. The one who took her virginity. The one who left her alone in a hotel room, never to speak to her again.

Until now. Until he’s telling her what to do.

Jonah Michaels is the no. 1 consultant in New York City—he’s cocky, alpha, and oh-so-sexy—and…Naomi’s new boss. He’s also forgetful. He doesn’t recognize Naomi—but she’d know him anywhere. 

Now she must work with him to save her job. She must put aside the past betrayal and do as she’s told. She must listen to the man who broke her heart. But why does taking orders from him get her so hot?

And what will happen if he finds out that he’s the father of her child?


See for yourself (and bring a cool washcloth!)—get the full book here for a special new release discount. Act now—it’s only for a limited time! If you like forbidden-office-plots and enemies-to-lovers-romance, then you’ll love Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby.

Come read an excerpt (download the free long preview here) and get curious about the climax.

More info about the novel. Available on Amazon (paid link).

Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby Cover Reveal

If you’ve dipped into my novels, you know that I have a weakness for billionaires and biker bad boys.

I’m getting hot just thinking about their chiseled chins and bulging muscles. Another trope I love to write about is the billionaire BOSS (who, in his spare time, rides a Harley…naturally) 🙂

Ta-Da! Cover Reveal!

So, what is the Billionaire BOSS about? Jonah Michaels—a demanding billionaire and cocky AF (and panty-melting hot!). And the man Naomi absolutely hates.


He took her v-card.

He left her alone in a hotel room.

And he doesn’t even remember!

I never wanted to see him again—the man who’d taken my v-card and stranded me in a hotel room. Now, here he is in front of my desk, still gorgeous and devastatingly sexy, introducing himself as my new boss, and I have to work with him—work for him! What’s worse, he doesn’t even recognize me! What a jerk! I hate him, but my heart hasn’t gotten the message. Every urge, every pang, every desire—it’s only a matter of time before my body betrays me too. But I’m hiding a secret. One he might not forgive me for…He’s the father of my child.

Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby is a second chance billionaire romance novel. 
Length: 200 pages
No cliffhanger. Warning: Most certainly for adult readers only.
Steam Level: ??? = multiple explicit scenes

Release date: March 10th, 2020

Accidental Roommate is live!

My high school crush returns.
The bad boy who broke my heart. ?
The alpha male I vowed to never see again.
I should run.
I move in with him instead.

Dear Readers,

Accidental Roommate (paid link) is now available for your devouring. This is a new novel from USA Today Bestselling Author Jolie Day.

There’s no doubt about it: the bad boy feels good

Maya St. James knows this all too well. 

When fate pairs her with her old high school crush, she finds herself in a confusing situation. Maya knows she should run away—instead, she moves into his Upper East-Side apartment.

He’s forbidden fruit, but she wants a taste. The muscles, the brawn, the cocky attitude. Does he take this much charge between the sheets? But how will Maya react when she finds out why he left her all those years ago? There’s only one way to find out. 

Pull up a chair and take a bite!

Steam Level: ??? = multiple explicit scenes

Now Available:
eBook: Available on Amazon (paid link)

Happy reading!

Fake Girlfriend is live!

Today is a day to celebrate: My newest romance is officially released.

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it thrilled the human. If you’re curious about my steamy new novel, His Fake GF, prepare to be appeased. Come read an excerpt (download the free long preview here), but—fair warning—do it somewhere safe. In other words, maybe don’t read it in front of your grandma.

It’s not easy being New York’s best marketing CEO, but Aaron Patterson could do it in his sleep. No one can deny that, not even the woman who wants to: Audrey Miller, the headstrong and beautiful cousin of the man whose company Patterson sets to take over.

When Audrey agrees to play Patterson’s girlfriend for a while to prevent the acquisition, the fronts are clear:

No sex.
No falling in love.
And no more trying to buy out her family’s business.

The longer the charade lasts, the less Audrey can resist the billionaire she’s sworn to hate. How can she save her cousin’s company if falling for him wasn’t part of the deal?

Are you more curious than before? Are you buckled in and ready for a wild ride? Get the full book here for a special new release discount. But only for a limited time.

His Fake GF is available here:
Kindle eBook on Amazon
Paperback on Amazon
(Paid Links to Amazon)

P.S. “His Fake FG” was narrated by my favorite narrator (yes, the one with the sexiest voice on the entire planet). Don’t believe me? Lend me your ears and take a listen.

Here’s what some of you had to say:

“I really enjoyed this book it made me laugh out loud in spots and for me that is a great read. When she sees the stranger from the night before at her job this is where the real fun starts.” -Amazon Reviewer

“5 stars. Jolie Day never disappoints! Jolie’s books are always well written with exceptional editing.”  -Amazon Reviewer

“It could not have been any better.”  -Amazon Reviewer

“The story has once again shown why Jolie Day is my ultimate favourite author. She makes my day every time she brings out a new story.” -Amazon Reviewer

“I found myself in love with not only the characters but also the world that was created.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Little suspense and a bouquet of sexiness—this one was a gem!”  -Amazon Reviewer

“I liked the story from start to finish. This author did a great job of weaving humor and seriousness in the story line.”  -Amazon Reviewer

“Such a wicked good read.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Jolie Day knows how to write an engaging and steamy plot with women who are confident and likeable, whose strength ensures they get their man.” -Amazon Reviewer

“If you love books about sexy men and the strong women they fall in love with then you need to read this book.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Lots of twists and turns, and lots of steamy encounters! Excellent book!” -Amazon Reviewer

My steamy Enemies-to-Lovers Romance was my contribution to the SweetestObsessions Boxset back in August. It is now available for individual sale for a steal of a deal, but only for a limited time!

If you love panty-dropping, page-turning stories with sassy-witty heroines and sexy alpha bosses, then you will love this standalone romance novel.

Happy reading!


Cover Photography: 
Michelle Lancaster

We did it!

What a spectacular experience this has been.

I’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you to my readers for your support over the last few months. You guys have given me your time and love!

I want to hug you and say how much appreciation I have for everyone who has purchased Sweetest Obsessions, shared, reviewed the set, or commented on a post, a game or giveaway and for every ounce of effort you invested to make this happen.

Thank you for having my back.

With that being said, I’m announcing that Sweetest Obsessions is a USA Today Bestseller. It’s official! #104! That’s us kicking ass and taking names.

For me, this has been a dream for as long as I can remember. I still can’t believe we did it. This was a lot of freakin’ work, but I feel blessed to have been part of this set. It has been amazing to work with and get to know so many wonderful authors, bloggers, readers. I’m grateful for the opportunity and for the new friends I made.

It was a pleasure and honor traveling this journey with all of you.

Thank you, thank you, so much!

I will cherish this forever. ?