Accidental Roommate

Accidental Roommate

A Billionaire Second Chance Romance Novel

Five years ago my brother’s best friend kissed me,
Then skipped town and broke my heart.
Now the Alpha Billionaire is back in town, and five minutes ago…
I agreed to move in with him.

I never expected to see Ethan Gladwell again,
And I sure as hell never expected to be begging him to let me be his roommate.
But that penthouse is my best bet,
And no matter how much I vowed to hate him—
His cocky smirk still makes my panties drop.

He was my first kiss, my first love and my first heartbreak.
It’s only a matter of time before I’m back in his bed,
And under his delicious and supremely confident spell.
Clearly, I haven’t learned my lesson.

This is going to turn into a wild adventure.
Especially when I learn why he left me all those years ago.
So, us being roommates—what could possibly go wrong?

From USA Today Bestselling Author Jolie Day comes Accidental Roommate, a stand-alone romance novel for fans of second chance romance plots dripping with sexual tension. Be prepared for one hot bedtime story!

Steam Level: ??? = multiple explicit scenes,
Full-length novel, 181 pages, no cliffhanger

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“You sure this guy isn’t looking for a live-in maid or some kind of sex slave?”

The broker smiled at my joke, but her eyes glinted in a way that told me it wasn’t very funny. Sheesh. I wondered what kind of crazy stuff she’d seen on the job.

“Here we are.” The broker tapped briskly against the door. Inside, a male voice echoed toward us.

“I’m in the kitchen.”

My guide slotted her key into the door and shouldered it open, welcoming me inside with a saleswoman’s smile.

The loft was beyond beautiful, decorated in chic swatches of muted gray and blue, with brick accent walls that had been artfully exposed. Huge windows let in the hazy golden light of New York nearing sunset, and the view from the living room was enough to give me vertigo. Spires of concrete, brick, plaster, and glass stretched out beneath us. In the distance, the greenery of Central Park beckoned.

The broker was droning on about lease terms, but I barely heard her. I was too busy drinking in the luxury around me, from the lambskin leather sofa, to the soothing modern art hanging over the fireplace, to the staircase that twisted up to the bedroom level. My freshly minted degree in art history, and the many hours I’d spent gazing longingly into high-end interior shops tipped me off to the fact that the apartment had probably been furnished by an interior designer, but I had to admit, they’d done a wonderful job.

All of the décor, from the shined loafers sitting next to the door, to the wood Joe Malone candle that burned on the mantle, gave the space a warm, masculine air. Something about standing in that living room made me feel like I was trespassing into an intimate space, the very private retreat of a man of exquisite taste.

I glanced down to the coffee table and saw that a silk tie had been discarded next to a sweating glass of ice water. My throat went dry, and my cheeks felt a little hot. Chill out, I chided myself. It’s not like this guy has invited you over for after-dinner drinks or anything. Keep it together.

I shook off my stupefied admiration of the apartment when I realized there were voices murmuring behind me in conversation. I should go introduce myself, make a good impression on whoever was living in this gorgeous place. I straightened my black pencil skirt and turned to face the man chatting in the kitchen with the broker.

He was leaning against the kitchen counter with a steaming cappuccino in his hand, treating the broker to a megawatt smile. The sleeves on his crisp white shirt were rolled up to reveal muscular forearms covered in tattoos, and the dissonance between his classy style and inked skin was nothing short of mouthwatering. His hair was dark as was the stubble along his chiseled jaw, and when he glanced over to me, hazel eyes appraising, my heart stopped.

No. It’s not possible.

His eyes gleamed with interest, and his mouth tugged at the corner with a smirk of recognition. His shoulders had broadened with age, and he’d lost that anxious energy that teenage boys carried around with them—but I would recognize him anywhere. I felt the moment when my face flushed red, and the room tilted on its axis.

There’s no way. You’ve got to be kidding me…

“Maya,” the broker said, sweeping a hand toward the man who’d broken my eighteen-year-old heart. “This is Mr. Ethan Gladwell. Mr. Gladwell, Miss Maya St. James.”

Ethan smiled at me, revealing his gorgeous teeth, and I remembered how those teeth had flashed at me in the dark in the front seat of his Camry, right before he’d leaned in to give me my first kiss.

“Oh, we’ve met,” Ethan said and raised an amused-looking brow.  

* * *

Excerpt 2 – A few weeks later – 

“I have a proposal for you,” I said, “if you’re interested.” 

“Don’t you think that’s moving a little quickly?”

“Clever girl. You know I don’t mean that kind of proposal.”

“What, then?”

I moved to the bed, settling in on the stark-white, soft pillows. I slid one hand behind my head and closed my eyes, trying to picture what she looked like now. Had she flipped through a book and painted her nails, just before my call? Were her cheeks flushing that adorable shade of pink, her heart hammering in her chest for me?

“I’ll be home tomorrow night, probably around ten. If you want to hear more about what I have in mind, wait up for me. A bottle of wine wouldn’t be a bad idea. If you’re not interested, no hard feelings. We never have to have this discussion again, and I’ll respect your decision.”

“Sounds fair to me.”


“You always drive a hard bargain, don’t you?”

“At every available opportunity. I’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Miss St. James. And, I suggest you rest up tonight.”

Maya let out that intoxicating laugh, the teasing one that left me with no idea what she thought of me and desperate to find out. At any rate, she sounded flattered and amused, which was a good enough starting point for me. I would have her by the time this was all said and done. I wanted nothing more.

“I want you to wear that nice dress you had on when you came to look at my apartment.”

I could hear her smile. “Did you like it that much?” she whispered with a flirtatious tone. 

“I liked your ass in it. It looked spectacular—couldn’t stop staring. Also,” I growled.


“Don’t wear panties.”

I heard her gasp.

I knew I was bold. But the truth was, the thought of her waiting for me wearing nothing under that skirt had me rock hard. In my mind, I saw myself running my hands over her ass, reaching under her skirt to her…

“Sweet dreams to you, too. Goodnight, Ethan.”


The line clicked on her end and went dead, and I tossed the phone back into the armchair like it was a disposable thing that had served its purpose. She thought I drove a hard bargain, huh? She hadn’t even begun to get acquainted with my hardness, and I was gunning to show her the entire selection.

I glanced at my watch and decided that sleep was exactly what I needed, considering all the traveling I had to do tomorrow. 

That night, I tossed and turned for what must have been an hour before finally falling asleep. Usually, this would have been because I had visions of spreadsheets and acquisitions streaming through my mind, and ten new schemes for success battling for my attention. 

But that night, it was Maya’s silhouette that haunted me, the shape of her beautiful rosebud lips, the sparkle in her eyes, the weight of her tits under my hands. The scent of her perfume invaded my dreams, dreams that were full of her laughter and all sorts of sexual situations that the two of us would find ourselves in. It was probably two in the morning when I fell asleep, but I didn’t care. 

If there was one thing in this world I was willing to lose a good night’s sleep over, it was her.

End of the sneak peek.

Accidental Roommate is now available:
eBook: Available on Amazon (paid link)
Audiobook: Apple Books