Billionaire Baby DADDY

Billionaire Baby DADDY

A Billionaire Second Chance Romance Novel

OMG…I’m pregnant with a billionaire’s baby!

Two years ago, I had a one-night stand with a hot stranger.
Billionaire, Marcus Willingham.
Powerful, irresistible blue eyes, completely off-limits.
He couldn’t get to me before those two thugs grabbed me, but luckily, he was able to chase them off.
It was just supposed to be one night.
No love.
No feelings.
And certainly, no regrets.
Six weeks later, I found myself staring at a positive pregnancy test.
He never called back, and my heart was broken.
Long story short, I married somebody else.
And that somebody else is now my ex. (Talk about a hot mess)
He’s demanding custody of a child that isn’t his.
There’s only one way to solve my problem.
I have to find the real father.
The man I swore I’d never see again.
I need to call Mr. Billionaire—and ask for his DNA.
Easy-peasy, right?

From USA Today Bestselling author Jolie Day comes Billionaire Baby DADDY, a stand-alone romance for fans of secret baby and second chance romance plots, dripping with sexual tension. Be prepared for a hot and steamy story that’ll make you want to toss aside your panties!

Steam Level: ??? = multiple explicit scenes,
Full-length novel, 250 pages, no cliffhanger

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Here’s what some of you are saying:

“God I felt in love with your story, one of the best that I have read this year (and I’ve read 135 books).” –GoodReads Reviewer

“Wonderful love scenes that will have you fanning yourself, I’m thinking your kindle is going to start smoking.” -Amazon Reviewer

“5+ stars!” -Amazon Reviewer

“Just finished Billionaire Baby Daddy. I started it last evening and finished it 24 hours later. I read A LOT and this is one of my favorites. It had a great storyline. It had suspense, love, and so much heat.”GoodReads Reviewer

“The sex scene when Marcus and Ella reunite for the first time after two years is one of the most romantic and hottest love scenes I have ever read.”GoodReads Reviewer

“This is one beautiful love story that starts with one unforgettable 1st meeting between Marcus and Ella.” GoodReads Reviewer

“Unforgettable Sex. This book is a definite READ!”GoodReads Reviewer

“Marcus is amazing. He is a take no crap business man who will do anything to protect Ella and Nylah. I love the added little suspense in this one. Marcus and Ella are perfect together. Marcus will make you swoon…”GoodReads Reviewer

“The way this story began really sucked me in. As well, the epilogue provided a very satisfying ending to the story.” –GoodReads Reviewer

“A great book and a real page-turner. I lost a good night’s sleep reading.”GoodReads Reviewer

“This book was filled with romance, drama and heat. I lived every second of this book and hated to see it end.”Amazon Reviewer

“…a very sweet girl, a powerful billionaire, and a mom that will do anything to protect her child. This book has drama, kidnapping, suspense, twists and turns, romance, love, and hot steamy sexy sizzling chemistry.”Amazon Reviewer

“Loved, loved, loved this book.”Amazon Reviewer

“I absolutely fell in love with this romance and couldn’t stop reading until I reach the last page, it was that good. I love the complexity of the characters, all of them even the bad one. A love story that will make you laugh and cry. The epilogue is so beautiful, it will make you smile for sure.” -Amazon Reviewer

“A wonderfully heart-wrenching, humorous second chance romance with a little side of intrigue. I really enjoyed hopping on the bike with Marcus and Ella as they wound their way back to a HEA. Even had some interesting side characters to root for.” -VINE VOICE

“Loved this! Grabbed me from the start and held me captivated. What’s a few hours of lost sleep when the story is so good. Marcus and Ella’s story will take you on an adventure. A one-night-stand with the sexy stranger who saved her leaves Ella with a night she’ll never forget.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Excellent story with lots of steam. The chemistry between Marcus and Ella kept me totally glued to my kindle throughout the entire book!” -GoodReads Reviewer

“The ending was great.”Amazon Reviewer

“This book was absolutely riveting and sexy. Another great book by Jolie Day that will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next. You won’t be disappointed.”Amazon Reviewer


This is a stupid idea. 

My mind already knew it, but for some reason, my legs just kept moving forward. I searched the streets for taxis, but had trouble differentiating them from other cars. I sighed and wiped soaking-wet strands of hair from my face, heading down the street and looking for the quickest way to get home.

What a perfect ending to an already crap day, I thought. 

I turned a corner at a light and continued, trying to think of what I was going to do when I got home. 

Change my clothes, warm up with a mug of hot coffee, and then immediately head for bed. Sounds like a good plan.

A firm hand seized my upper arm and knocked me out of my daydream. I gasped as I was yanked backward toward the corner of two buildings. The moment was a flurry of blurred images, droplets of rain, and someone’s rough hold snatching my hair and dragging me into a darker place. 

From the muted sounds of the rain, I assumed it was an alley. 

I cried out in panic—the hand in my hair freaking hurt. I tripped in my shoes, attempting to struggle, and lost a heel in the chaos. Because why not? I was in a B-rated horror flick as the chick who lost a shoe and died. Was this my end? My attacker threw me to the concrete, and I tensed before my head could crack against the hard ground, buffering my fall. I scrambled to get away but nearly ran into a burly figure just behind me. 

Although the rain was torrential, I clearly made out the powerful muscles and beady eyes of one of my assailants. I turned around to run but realized I was trapped by the first man who’d grabbed me. He had longer hair that hung around his face and shoulders in a stringy mess. His face was hollow, and his eyes were glazed over and full of … lust. Gross. He and his buddy were devouring my bare legs with their disgusting gazes, and my now-exposed cleavage that was heaving in breathless fear through my thin blouse.

“I told you one would come around.” He bumped his elbow into his muscled partner.

“Give us your money!”

“Hey, hey, it must be our lucky day.” The scraggly-looking man pointed and narrowed his eyes. “Damn. Look at those legs.” 

“We should strip her down so we can make this easy. Then get her into the van.”

Like hell they would!

I panicked, struggling to find a way around my attackers. I screamed at the top of my lungs but feared my voice was lost in the pounding of the rain. I backed away, breathing heavily. I was not going to die tonight, not in a dirty alleyway, and not at the hands of dick-bags like this. Nope, I was twenty-five and had my whole life ahead of me. Screw this shit. I searched in the darkness for something I could use as a weapon, but I was immediately cut short…

A heavy motor ripped through the alley and a blast from a headlight washed over the dark space, scaring away the shadows. My attackers were lit up, and they shielded their eyes from the blinding light. A powerful motorcycle tore through the small area, forcing the two men to back away. Within seconds, the biker leapt off the seat of his ride and threw himself toward the men. 

“I suggest you keep your hands off her.” His deep voice growled loudly.

The men sized him up, seemingly unimpressed at first, then I saw them staring at the MC logo on his jacket. “We ain’t got no quarrel with you, brother.”

He took a step closer. “Well, if you touch her, then you do.”

Muscle Head hiked his thumb toward me. “This your woman?”


They nodded and left me to make their getaway back into the shadows. 

I was left shivering and half-stooped due to a missing shoe—yes, a bit terrified—okay, a lot, and yet hopeful that the man on the bike was there to save me—and not, you know, mug me like the other two assholes. I watched in shock as he took two steps past me, staring hard into the darkness where the two men had run, and then turned toward me. He eyed me up and down for a moment, saying nothing, and then walked back to his bike and motioned for me to join him.

Not unless I’ve lost my damned mind! I thought to myself, shaking my head at him. I could barely see him past the headlight of his bike.

“Get on.” He gestured with his hand, his voice harsh through the rain.

I stepped toward him but hesitated.

“You’re bleeding. I won’t hurt you. Get on, quick.” This time, his voice was even louder.

I’m…bleeding? I wondered in surprise, checking myself over to see exactly where. I couldn’t see much. My clothes were muddy from falling, and it looked black in the darkness.

“I’ll get you to safety. They’re going to come back with their gang. Do you want that?” 

I had no choice. Damn it.

I didn’t want to die at the hands of two degenerate thugs—or worse. 

Although the biker somewhat terrified me, I forced my feet toward him. Guess I’ve lost my mind after all. I decided I had to embrace that pulsing sense of danger. I swung my leg over the bike and sat my butt down. The feel of the leather seat was soft against my bare inner thighs, and the feeling of the machine vibrating beneath me sent a shiver racing through my body. He kicked down and the engine roared louder. 

That sound. Oh, God. 

He was strong. Firm. Solid. I threaded my arms under his shoulders and laid my palms flat against his chest. That chest was rock hard, and the touch of the wet leather of his jacket under my hands was strangely calming. I bit my lip. The lead biker revved his engine once more and took off, tearing out of the alley. I ducked my head and pressed it against his back to avoid the cold sting of the rain, amplified by the swift movement of the bike. From my position, I wasn’t sure where he was taking me, and I only hoped it was someplace safe. 

When he sped up, I was propelled backward and the speed caused me to lose my breath all over again. I had to lean closer to the biker to keep my grip on him, and now my breasts were pressed firmly against his back.

I had been worried about so many things—about taking off with a stranger, about riding a fast vehicle, about having no protective clothing. Anything could happen. Maybe I can slip away the moment he slows the bike down, I thought, but I doubted it. I felt light-headed and stunned with shock. Chances were that if I left his bike at any point, I wouldn’t make it two steps before tripping and falling over into a solid face-plant. Wouldn’t that be lovely? I just didn’t trust myself enough to get away to safety on my own. I had to put my trust in the stranger, despite how I felt about the whole situation. But, as the wind snatched the band from my hair and sent it flying out behind me in a wild auburn wave, and the bike beneath me sent regular shudders shooting through my body, I held onto the strong, rigid form of the man in front of me, none of those worries mattered. I’d never felt so free, I’d never felt so excited, and I’d never felt so scared.

Eventually, the biker slowed outside a large hotel. I looked up from his jacket to see lights welcome us up a winding path toward a massive building. I frowned as the biker revved his motor and coasted up the pathway, wondering if he was sneaking in somewhere.

The biker headed up the path and stopped outside the hotel’s back entrance. I gazed at the misty lights filtering from the windows. The man switched off the engine, and I carefully climbed off as he pushed down the kickstand. 

I placed both feet on the ground and then swayed.

The world tilted.

I fell backward. 

The last thing I felt were two powerful hands grabbing and holding me before darkness consumed me.

* * *

I awoke in an unfamiliar room with an unfamiliar face staring down at me. For a moment I panicked, thinking I’d been kidnapped. The bed I was lying on was massive and adorned with silk sheets and a feather-soft comforter. A deep burgundy canopy surrounded me, and a middle-aged woman was at my side, picking up a bandage wrapper that was sitting on the side of the bed. I blinked and stared in confusion. 

The woman gazed at me for a moment. “I’m Dr. Ward. How are you feeling?” 

I raised my arm to touch my head, but the doctor caught my wrist. “It seems you hit your head, but you’ll be fine. Still, it’s best if you rest. The bleeding was from a superficial wound and didn’t require stitches. You were only out for five-to-ten minutes, give or take. Fainting is common and usually not serious, typically brought on by emotional stress. Emotions like fear, pain, anxiety, or shock can cause one’s blood pressure to drop to the point where they faint. Have you ever fainted before?”

Seriously, that was a lot of information to process when I’d just opened my eyeballs—and she talked really fast. Was it too soon to ask for coffee? Probably. Sigh. “Um, yes, one or two times—well, rarely, only when I’m overly stressed, though.”

“Okay, but if you feel your dizziness increase, or if you start feeling sick, or your heartbeat becomes irregular, you should call immediately. I also recommend contacting your doctor to get that checked out, just to be on the safe side.”

When did I hit my head? I wondered, still feeling groggy. I wanted to ask the question, but I knew this woman wouldn’t be able to give me an answer. She hadn’t been there after all.

“Where am I?” I asked instead.

The woman seemed sympathetic to my state. “You’re at the Regal Heights Hotel.” I gave her a questioning expression—I’d never heard of the place. “You were picked up and brought here to safety. I’m a guest, and was down in the lobby when you were rushed in. I was informed that you were attacked about a block from the Sandmeier Museum.”

I nodded. “Yes. I work there as a waitress. Late shift. I was just trying to get home.”

The woman stood from her crouched position on the bed, brushing the canopy out of the way, and rose to her feet. “Well, try to take it easy. It’s best if you stay in bed for a few more hours.” She patted my arm. “Get a good night’s rest.”

“Thank you.” I watched as the woman took her leave out the polished oak door and closed it behind her.

I sighed, glancing around the room. 

Everything was immaculately kept, but the room was mostly without decoration. There was a large closet directly across from the foot of the bed, and out of the corner of my eye, I took note of a crimson rug positioned on the floor. I wanted definitive answers, other than I was “just in some hotel.” I wanted to know who the man was, the biker who’d saved me last night. Would I ever see him again?

I took my time, slowly peeling the covers off my legs. Someone had dressed me in dry clothes. I now wore a lacy, long silken nightgown. I guessed it was nice of whoever had gotten me out of my drenched uniform I’d been wearing earlier. I had my panties on but wasn’t wearing a bra—I’d taken that sucker off and stuffed it in my purse before I left work. The underwire popped out earlier in my shift and had been poking me in the side-boob all damn day. Oh, God. Someone had seen my breasts. Awesome. See? All-around crap day. Well, at least I didn’t die… 

I gradually slid my bare feet to the edge of the bed and rose. My head twinged with a slight ache, forcing a subtle pounding to settle across my hairline and around my ears. 

I pulled my hair away from my shoulders and accidentally brushed against the band-aid near my temple. Oww! Don’t touch it, dummy. I stepped to the door and opened it, peeking out into the hall.

“The persistent type, aren’t you?” The voice startled me—it was deep and familiar.

I hadn’t expected anyone. Least of all him. I recognized the voice as belonging to the biker from earlier that night. I took stock of the man standing in front of me: white shirt and black leather pants. His powerful arms were folded against his chest. He was tall and extraordinarily well-built. I tried not to lick my lips. I failed

“First, you walk past a shady alley in the middle of a rainstorm in the dead of night, and then you get out of bed without assistance, even after I’m sure Dr. Ward told you to stay put.”

I stepped further into the hallway. “Who undressed me?”

End of the sneak peek.

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