BOSS: The Wolf

BOSS: The Wolf

Boss Rule #1: Never sleep with your employee.

Apparently, rules aren’t my thing.
Because the moment I wake up naked next to my hot-as-hell new employee,
I want to go for round two. 

I’m not exactly Prince Charming. Some call me The Wolf.
I don’t do love, and I sure as hell don’t do forever.
But one look at her, and I become a one-woman man.

She has a British accent and a car that won’t start.
I give her a jump—sure I’ll never see her again.
Then she shows up at my company to interview for a new position. 
What are the odds?
So I hire the long-legged beauty from the UK.

The guys are circling her like vultures. 
But she’s my prey. 
In six months, her visa will expire, and she’ll be back overseas.
What can a little down-and-dirty fun hurt?
But one kiss turns into two, then three, then more.
Suddenly, I’m defenseless against her charms.

But the second I start to picture a future, 
She quits. 
Vanishes—without warning or explanation.
She’s left back to the UK…
I know I need her back.
And I only have one chance to make things right.

A stand-alone romance for fans of alpha boss plots, with off-the-charts sexual tension. Steely eyes, a sinful smile, and a ripped body under a sharp suit by day—a tight T-shirt and jeans roaring the streets by night. Enter the world of Joel Embry—if you dare.

Steam Level:  multiple explicit scenes,
Full-length novel, 200 pages, no cliffhanger

BOSS: The Wolf is a story close to my heart (don’t tell my husband, but I’m in love with the main character).

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Here’s what some of you are saying:

“Holy. Freaking. Waffles!”

“Hilarious! Fantastic! Enduring! I loved this book so much. The characters were to die for and had the best chemistry.” Amazon Reviewer

“It is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I absolutely LOVED it.” –Amazon Reviewer

“Imagine Charlie’s surprise to find out that the motorcycle riding hottie that stopped to help her with her car is the CEO of the company she’s interviewing with…This is a fantastic romantic book!”Amazon Reviewer

“…enough heat to have my Kindle sweating.”Amazon Reviewer

“The story was good and well thought out. The characters were well detailed and connected throughout the book. The story had both aspects of Joel’s life integrated into it, and Charlie added what was missing, a softness to the hardness of the story. I loved the ending.”Goodreads Reviewer

“A CEO that’s a Biker too, now that’s an exciting and super hot combo.”Goodreads Reviewer

“The attraction was explosive!”Amazon Reviewer

“What’s not to love? The characters are well written, the love scenes are super hot and the story line is great.”Amazon Reviewer

“OMG what a story! This book hooked me from the get go, I just couldn’t put it down. I fell in love with these characters.” –Goodreads Reviewer

“Cupid sometimes has a way to letting that arrow fly when you least look for it. In addition to the H/h fighting against their attraction to each other (side note: what an interesting first place to hook up!), Joel’s bad boy biker past is causing some interesting plot twists and turns. Another winning novel by Ms Day.”Amazon Reviewer

“Oh man this was a good one. I’ve read a few of Jolie Day’s books, and I’d have to say that this one is one of my favorites. This book spins off of another set of books, but it definitely reads as a standalone. Loved This Book.”Amazon Reviewer

“A very enjoyable read. Funny. Sexy attraction. CEO billionaire alpha. A struggling, perky brit. Taboo attraction. It’s all here. Well written. Well told.”Amazon Reviewer

“I love this book! It is fun like hell, with a good pacing and well developed characters.”Goodreads Reviewer

“Boss: The Wolf by Jolie Day is one of her best books. It was a delight to read.” –Amazon Reviewer

Sneak Peek

Shit. I’m late. 

Glad I decided to take my bike today—it’ll give me a few extra minutes, or I’d be stuck in traffic with these other jackholes right now. I fly down the Manhattan bridge with the wind blasting across my skin—my favorite view of the city and the Empire State Building—to start out the day. It’s early summer when the heat’s not unbearable or humid as hell. 

I’m weaving in between cars to keep a steady speed, when I catch sight of an old, broken-down green car on the side of the road. 

I’m the CEO of my late grandfather’s company, and I’ve got a meeting I can’t miss. After having coffee with the guys, I’m already late as it is. I’m not looking for that much of a delay and decide to keep going, but then I see a woman opening the hood. I race by so fast that I can’t make out too many details—but I can see the important stuff.

Banging hot body. Big hips with a round ass to match, long tan legs extending from the bottom of a pencil skirt, all perched on top of a pair of stilettos. Personally, I prefer a woman in boots or sneakers, because it gives the vibe that she’ll be willing to hop on my bike with me (and on something else after that). But I can’t deny how well heels accentuate all the curves of a woman’s body.

I make a quick U-turn and pull up a few feet from her. She stares me down, seeming cautious at first, and quickly turns back to the smoking parts under the hood.

“Trouble?” I approach her and pull off my helmet.

“It would appear so.” She frowns, staring cluelessly at the steam billowing out around her.

Is that a hint of a British accent? I’m glad I stopped. I’m a sucker for a chick with an accent. I’m even more confident that I made the right choice when I step close enough to take in the curves of her body and her long, wavy golden-brown hair. Holy fuck. When she cuts her crystal-gray eyes over to me, it sends a shock straight to my dick. She’s got that sassy, devilish spark to her—I can already see it. Even if she’s keeping it well hidden under her business attire. 

“Mind if I take a look?” 

She studies me closely, hesitant to trust some strange guy on a motorcycle. But after checking the time on her phone, she seems to get desperate.

She waves her hand toward the smoking car. “Go for it.” 

I check a few things, and she leans in close over my shoulder. One glance back, and I see tits. Beautiful tits bursting from her button-up blouse. That and the sweet scent of her perfume is enough to drive any man insane—even me.

“When’s the last time you had the oil checked in this thing?” I pull out the dip stick—I don’t even need a rag to rub off the damn oil—and show it to her. “Look, it’s dry as a bone.”

“What?” She gawks at it. “Oil? Hell if I know.” She tosses her arms out to the side, her long hair falling over one shoulder, obviously exasperated. “It’s my elderly neighbor’s car. She lets me drive it, but I haven’t taken it into a shop since I got to the states.” 

“Well, that’s your problem. It’s overheated. Cars need oil and sticks need to get dipped.” I smirk, but she doesn’t seem to get my attempt at humor.

“How can I fix it? I’m really in a hurry.” She furrows her brow and pouts. 

I realize then that she looks somewhat familiar, but I can’t figure out why. “There’s a shop right up the road where I can grab you some oil. You can come along if you’d like. That is, if you’re not too afraid to jump on this thing.” 

She jerks her face up with wide eyes, and it’s obvious she misunderstood me. I try not to laugh, hiking my thumb toward the bike, and her expression softens with relief. Or is it disappointment?

“You’re very kind. I’ve actually been on one of these things before”—She points to my ride—“with a bloke when I first came to the US. But, I’ll just wait here. I’m Charlie, by the way.”

I extend my hand to hers for a shake, knowing for sure I’ve met this woman before. But she doesn’t act like she knows me, or if she does, she’s not letting on. “Joel. Nice to meet you.”

“Joel? That’s funny. The first name of my future boss. Well, hopefully. I’ve got a job interview with him in a few minutes…One that I’ll definitely be late for now.” She worries her bottom lip, anxiously checking the time on her phone.

“You wouldn’t want to miss that.” I turn, put on my helmet, not wanting to hold her up any longer, and jump back on my bike. “Be right back.”

End of the Sneak Peek.

BOSS: The Wolf” is available on Amazon.

🎧  If you prefer to listen, here’s some great news: The book is available on on Audible and Apple iBooks. Here’s a short teaser, narrated by Samantha Brentmoor.

P.S.: Boss: The Wolf features small crossover references: You’ll see friends and faces from the Oh Billionaires! series and the Outlaw series. This is a perfect way to glimpse a preview of what’s to come.