Hell’s Seven Biker Romance

Dark Alpha.
Full of demons.

I’ve got one mission in life…
Find the bastard that killed my dad.
So when I stumbled into Regina’s bar and got a taste of her curves,
I knew I was in trouble. 

Ever since I left my motorcycle gang,
I’ve been running from the shadows of my past. 
I knew the price,
I knew I was putting a mark on my head, but I didn’t care.

Living a solitary life is part of the code,
And now that the leader of the MC destroyed my family,
I have nothing left to lose…
Until I met her. 

She consumes me, 
One touch was all it took and she was mine.
I should have walked away, 
But I’m a greedy asshole.

The demons that haunt me are kicking down my door,
And I won’t rest until they’re dead.
I can’t risk her life because of my mistakes.

The only way to protect her is to let her go.
I thought I was saving her,
But maybe, I’m the one that needs saving.

From USA Today bestselling author, Jolie Day, comes MAX, a stand-alone Hell’s Seven biker romance. Be prepared for a sizzling story and get ready for a wild ride! Warning: Contains adult sexiness and tons of steam.

Originally titled Outlaw. This is the heavily revised 2020 edition. MAX is part of the new Outlaw biker series. The book goes into the background of what happened to the Hell’s Seven MC before The Wolf, SOLD, TYLER and VORN. Hop on for this thrilling ride!

Steam Level: multiple explicit scenes,
Full-length novel, 230 pages, no cliffhanger

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MAX is part of the Outlaw biker series
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Here’s what some of you are saying:

“WOW!!! I don’t usually read MC books but this one has me rethinking on that. This story has his/her POV and no cliffhanger and steamy sex scenes. This is a first book I’ve read from this author but absolutely not the last.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Hard to stop reading. I was really sorry to see this book end. This story has romance, sex, revenge, and most of all love.” -Amazon Reviewer

“The sex was so very hot.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Best book ever.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Loved This Outlaw! This is a very well written book with strong, complex characters and an engaging storyline. I appreciate the attention to correct grammar and punctuation, along with the excellent editing job. The story flowed well, captured my attention, and had a twist or two that I never saw coming.” -TOP 500 Reviewer

“It’ll keep you turning the pages.” -Amazon Reviewer

“The sex scenes between Regina & Max are piping hot!” -Amazon Reviewer

“I love a good MC Book! This one is a must read! I can not wait for the next one!!!!” -Amazon Reviewer

“A twist that has you hooked.” -Amazon Reviewer

“…great sex, lust, and emotions. Wonderful back story, character development and a story line that kept me engaged from the beginning. Love this story and the writer (can’t wait to discover what else she’s written). Highly recommend for romance, action and a great story with superb characters.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Chemistry for DAYS!!” -Amazon Reviewer

“It was a little different from most MC Romances but it kept you interested through out the whole book. I thought this book was really well written.” -Amazon Reviewer

“This is another of my favorite books.” -Angela Sanders, Bestselling Author

“Loved the wild ride of this book. MC stories are the best and this book has everything. You will laugh, get mad, you’ll cry and smile again.” -Amazon Reviewer 

“I will be recommending it to all of my friends!!!” -Amazon Reviewer 

“OMG!!!!!!!!!!! This book was hot!” -Vine Voice

“Amazing!!!!! I loved Regina and her feisty personality. Max is this super strong and protective alpha male. They have incredible chemistry with great banter together. This story has so many twists and turns throughout it. There is drama, suspense, mystery, and of course hot romance. The writing is fantastic and the story will not disappoint. It is most definitely worth reading.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Read it, loved it, read it again – what’s up for a next book?! Cannot wait!!” -Amazon Reviewer

“Kept me on the edge of my seat…..the love for each other….I didn’t want it to end.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Ms. Jolie Day…  I must say that you are incredibly talented. Your creation of the Hell’s Seven MC is completely captivating. I can certainly assure you, that I read many of MC romance Series, and your new one is absolutely addicting.”

“The characters were well developed and the chemistry between Max and Regina is captivating and make you root for a beautiful HEA all the way through.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Miss Day has done it again!” -Amazon Reviewer

“This is the best book yet by Jolie Day. Wow, what a ride! Max is all kinds of sexy alpha biker and once he sets his sights on Regina it’s game over! Plenty of smoking-hot action scenes make this an exciting and captivating love story.” -Amazon Reviewer


The room was small and simple—not that he was expecting much more.

There was a queen-sized bed pushed against the far wall, with an end table on either side, and a door that led to a private bathroom to the left. Max peered out the windows that overlooked the street and could see nothing but darkness and a few blinking streetlights. Not a soul was around after two-thirty in the morning.

Max set his keys, wallet, and gun down on the desktop near the door and shrugged off his jacket, hanging it on the back of the chair. Then he moved to the bathroom, stripping the rest of his clothes off as he went. 

He washed up quickly, splashing water on his face and chest before it had a chance to heat up. He didn’t even seem to notice it was cold, and he turned off the faucet after he felt the grime of traveling had been washed away. 

By the time he climbed under the sheets, the only thing he had on his body were the many tattoos that stretched from his neck to his ankles, making his skin look like a canvas. 

The bed was soft, and the sheets felt good around him as he was beginning to drift off. It had been a long day, mostly spent on the seat of his motorcycle, driving down long highways under the hot sun. Max felt like he hadn’t even seen a bed in years, let alone slept in one. What was more, for the first time in a while, he didn’t have a bedmate. 

Not that he wouldn’t have minded one.

Max grinned at the thought of the barmaid. What was her name again? Regina? Yeah, that was it. Regina Carlisle. She was a fire-cat. Max wouldn’t mind having her in his bed right now. Just the thought of those curves under his hands had him standing at attention. He took a deep breath, trying to relax. He was way too tired, as tempting as it was. 

Eventually, turning onto his side and pressing his face into one of the soft pillows, he fell into a deep sleep. He inhaled their clean scent as he allowed his dreams to take him deeper into slumber.

* * *

The body above him is glorious. Heavy breasts quiver with deep, uneven breaths. Moans spill from plump red lips. Lithe hips undulate as she moves against him, and he can feel her wetness dampening the base of his stomach, just inches away from where he needs her. Max’s hands reach out to stroke her softness, but she arches away, laughing. Her laugh is like music to his ears, and he feels himself harden against her ass. A growl starts deep in his throat, and she laughs again, those slender hands reaching up to shake her dark curls. 

Her face is somewhat familiar, but he can’t recall who the woman above him is. He doesn’t try too hard either, instead, he moves to flip her over, landing on his knees between her thick, juicy, open thighs. The woman gasps and arches against him, her tits pushing into his chest and making him shiver. Max presses his open mouth to her neck and the woman moans, her nails digging into his back, pulling him closer. Max growls again, his hands reaching for her hips, keeping them still as he grinds into her. He can practically feel her nails breaking his skin as she drags them down his back. He finds himself laughing as he nips her pulse point, and she whimpers.

When Max enters her, she lets out a shuddering breath, her hands rising above her head to grip the headboard. She breathes out hotly against his shoulder as he pumps in and out of her.

“Yes…” Her voice is raw, gravelly, and strained with pleasure, and it just adds to Max’s enjoyment. He growls as he pulls almost completely out of her and pushes back in with a force that makes her entire body shake. Shivers course through her body as she lifts her legs, allowing them to drape over his hips, deepening his angle and making her cry out even louder. “Oh, God.” Her entire body quivers beneath his, and Max begins to pick up speed, encouraged by her moans and groans and grasps. “Ohhh…”

“Like that?” he husks in her ear, pressing his body down on hers to add to the sensations. “Huh, baby? You like how I fuck you?”

“Yes,” the woman gasps, slinging one of her arms around his shoulders and pulling his lips down to hers. She bites his bottom lip, and he growls, entering her harder, thrusting deeper, making them both cry out in ecstasy. He can feel himself growing closer, can feel the pressure at the base of his spine as he continues to enter her, reveling in her deep sighs and the way she breathes into his ear.

“Oh, Max…” 

He grunts at the sound of his name, spilling into the woman beneath him with a sigh, before collapsing onto her body, pressing his face into the crook of her neck.

“Max,” she whispers into his ear. “Max. Max. Max…”

* * *


“Max!” She knocked harder on the door, her fist starting to ache now. 

“Stormwell!” she groaned. “Max, open up!” 

She’d been standing there for close to five minutes, knocking on his door, trying to get him to open it, but there was still no answer, and her arms were getting tired. She had a set of fresh sheets tucked under one arm as well as the dirty ones from the room next door. Unlike Max, her other guest had been up and out by noon.

It was now past three in the afternoon.

“Max Stormwell!” she yelled. “Wake up! I need to clean the room.”

She heard a groan on the other side and sighed, leaning back and tapping her foot on the floor. A couple of moments later, the door creaked open and its occupant poked a dark-circled, red-rimmed eye out at Regina. 

“What do you want?” he grumbled sleepily.

“I told you to be out of the room at 2:30 so I could clean it. It’s 3:00.”

“Just come back later,” Max groaned, about to close the door. Regina blocked it with her foot. 

“I have more work to do today. I don’t have time to wait for you. Just…open the door and let me change the sheets.”

He took a deep breath and let it out. “Fine.”

Max opened the door, and Regina caught a glimpse of him—all of him. He was completely naked. And oh, my God. The guy was packing some serious heat. He was…huge! 

“Just…give me a minute to get dressed.” Before Regina could answer, he turned and walked back inside.

She had a full view of his snake (tattoo, that was) that swirled its way from a nice firm butt, across his back, and up his shoulders to his neck. 

She sucked in a breath. She found him sinfully arousing. Her panties dampened, and shame rushed through her at her body’s reaction. How can I respond this way to a random stranger? she chided herself. But, she couldn’t stop herself from stealing another glance. She peeked at his firm butt cheeks. Suddenly, he turned his head. She looked away quickly, embarrassed to have been caught staring. 

“Hold your horses.” Max winked at her and grabbed his clothes. Less than a minute later, he was standing there, wearing the same clothes he’d worn when he’d checked in. 

“Happy, sweetheart?” He gestured for her to come in.

“I’d be happier if you stopped calling me that.” She walked past him and settled the new sheets down on the desk, before moving to the bed to start pulling off the old sheets. “My name is Regina.”

“Sorry. Guess I was just so distracted by your… your bar skills.”

“I hear that a lot,” Regina deadpanned. Max smiled, and she felt a bit of delight at that, although she wasn’t sure she knew why. 

She stripped the sheets off the bed and shoved them into the laundry bag before stretching the new ones on, leaning over the bed with effort. When she turned back, she found Max watching her with a furrowed brow.

“What?” Regina stood up straight and checked her back for some kind of stain or something that might be stuck to the ass of her jeans. There was nothing, so she turned to scowl at Max. “What were you looking at?” 

“At you.”

End of the sneak peek.

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Max now available:
eBook: Available on Amazon
Audiobook: Audible
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