Hell’s Seven MC Biker President Romance

She wasn’t supposed to be a stripper.
But when she got up on stage, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
And when she started to strip,
I had to keep my jaw from hitting the damn floor.

Then, my luck, the shit hit the fan.
My past came back to haunt me.
And she saw something she shouldn’t have seen.
She saw me kill the men.
Now she was a witness,
And I couldn’t afford witnesses.
That’s why I found myself on her doorstep,
Bleeding from a bullet wound to the leg.
I knew I wasn’t a good man.
She was a good woman.
Pure and light, where I was tainted and dark.
When she tended to my injury, I knew she was mine.
I’d let her think otherwise for far too long.
One night.
That was all I needed. That was all it would take.
I’d let her go once.
I wouldn’t make the same mistake again.
She’d have to carry my baby.

From USA Today bestselling author, Jolie Day, comes VORN, a stand-alone MC biker president romance. Be prepared for a sizzling story and get ready for a wild ride! Warning: Contains adult sexiness and tons of steam—keep a fan nearby. Full-length novel, no cliffhanger.

VORN is part of the new Outlaw biker series. It is a complete standalone. All books in the series are standalones. You don’t have to read any books to enjoy VORN.

Steam Level: 🔥🔥🔥 = multiple explicit scenes,
Full-length novel, over 300 pages, no cliffhanger

Available Now: Kindle eBook | Paperback
Audiobook: Audible and Apple iBooks coming in mid-2021! (more info)
VORN is part of the Outlaw biker series
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Check out the short excerpt below. 

Here’s what some of you are saying:

“OMG! This is the most sensational MC biker romance I’ve ever read. Never thought MC biker story could be this emotional, touching. The chemistry between April and Vorn is just so precious, hot, and steamily sexy.” –Amazon Reviewer

“FINALLY!!! I’ve just finished Vorn and… OMG was he worth the wait!!! Vorn is as tough as it gets, but under all that hard exterior beats a heart of gold.” –Amazon Reviewer

“I read it in one sitting, there was no way I was putting it down until I turned that last page.” –TOP 50 REVIEWER

“April’s a strong-minded, independent woman with plenty of gumption and sass. Josh is the strong, silent type that can be intimidating, even deadly, when necessary, but also the one you want at your back when trouble starts.” –GoodReads Reviewer

“Vorn is every woman’s dream.”Amazon Reviewer

“HOT, HOT, HOT!!!”Amazon Reviewer

“Jolie Day has SMASHED IT!! Vorn is a sexy, thrilling and exhilarating read that I could not put down. I enjoyed it immensely, it hit all the right spots for an incredible MC book that feels so authentic you will be on the edge of your seat. I cannot wait for more from this series.” –Amazon Reviewer

“Vorn was intense! The sex…wow!! The love and trust! Well written and a very happy hea making this a great read!” –Amazon Reviewer

“5 Stars and above.”Amazon Reviewer

“I was invested in the characters and stayed up late into the night so I could know how it all works out. My favorite part was when he sees her again after all that time, such a fun scene.”  –Amazon Reviewer

“There is not a dull moment. Well done.”  –Amazon Reviewer

“A hard as nails MC President who could be romantic, sensitive, sexy with the woman he never stopped loving, even some 15 years later. Great chemistry!! There is suspense, danger and hot nights!”  –Amazon Reviewer

“Hands Down. I enjoyed every single minute.”Amazon Reviewer

“OMG I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! I am so in love with this dangerous, exciting world that Jolie Day has created, it is so realistic, well thought out, and as I read I felt like I am a part of it.” Amazon Reviewer

“The chemistry between Vorn and April is off the charts HOT.”GoodReads Reviewer


What. The. Fuck?

I didn’t hire her to strip, so why the hell was she on stage? She was supposed to be on the floor waiting tables. 

Not that I minded the view. 

But any other fucking assholes? Yeah, I minded. 

I took a seat right in front and leaned back, crossing my arms and never taking my eyes off April. I could tell she was nervous, with her shoulders slightly hunched when she started to sway to the music. As the seconds ticked by, she seemed to get more relaxed, losing herself in the rhythm. Her eyes shifted and met mine, and we got lost in the moment.

When her fingers finally went for the buttons of her shirt, entranced, I couldn’t look away. Then again, she’d always entranced me. Even when we’d first met all those years ago. 

I still couldn’t believe she’d shown up after all this time. 

And she still wanted me. 

I wasn’t an idiot. I knew what was on her mind when we spent time together. The laughing, the smiles, the flirty words, and the looks—she was still attracted to me. Sure, I looked good when we’d first met, and I still fucking looked good fifteen years later. Even better—aged well, some would say.

Her shirt fell to the floor, revealing a black bra, and she kept moving, swaying more provocatively than before. The more skin she bared, the more the rest of the world faded around me. Her body was fucking gorgeous, with full breasts and wide hips, just begging for hands to grab. 

She descended the steps of the stage, sauntering toward me with unwavering determination. Her lace bra left nothing to the imagination. I guessed that was the fucking point. But on her, it was different. She was different. 

I didn’t expect her to straddle my lap. Not that I’d ever complain. Her bold move was fucking surprising. The way she writhed and gyrated against me was hypnotizing. The way it made me feel should be illegal. My dick twitched when she rubbed herself against me. It was against the rules. Rules I’d put in place for a reason and made a point to follow.

Being this close, feeling the heat of her body and her firm thighs pressed against mine, I let my mind wander to all the things I’d do to her. 

Even though she’d been a virgin when we met, I doubted she was now. How could she be? How could somebody that fucking effortlessly sexy not have been touched? It’d be a fucking crime. A woman like that deserved to be worshipped, to be tasted, and taken so good she couldn’t walk the next day. 

In the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but fantasize about her being untouched, ready and waiting for me. 

It was a longshot, a pipe dream that was stupid as shit to even think about. I was supposed to be her first. After fifteen years, though, there was no fucking way she was still a virgin. But, I couldn’t stop my raging thoughts. I wanted to be the one to touch her, to taste her for the first time. I wanted to be the one to hold her and bring her pleasure beyond anything she could ever imagine.

Seeing her dance brought out the possessive streak in me. The thought of her being with another man drove me fucking crazy, and I’d do anything to make sure nobody saw her this way: half-naked and begging to be claimed. 

I made the rules. I could easily break them. 

And deep down, I knew I would. 

would be her man. 

I’d make her realize that nobody could bring her ecstasy like I would. 

She was going to be mine.

End of the sneak peek.

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Cover Photography: Michelle Lancaster