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From a sexy alpha hero and laugh-out-loud moments to the happily-ever-after. If you stay up way too late reading steamy romance novels, then you’re in the right place!

My absolute favorite genre to write is romance, more specifically billionaire alpha men and biker bad boy novels.

Do you want to read about the knight in shining armor willing to do anything to protect his woman? Then my books are for you. 

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Then start with my standalone book SOLD: Highest Bidder, a steamy billionaire bad boy romance dripping with sexual tension. It also offers a love story with heart, the untamable alpha male, and an unexpected twist. Bring along some ice water—you’re gonna need it.

I currently have two series ready and another in the works. Check out all my books here.

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VORN (Amazon Paid Link)
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I thought as a waitress I wouldn’t have to be naked, turns out, there’s Topless Day. However, I did not expect that I’d have to go on stage naked or be involved in a shootout. Most of all, I didn’t expect the strip club owner and MC boss to be him.

BOSS: The Wolf (Amazon Paid Link)
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What NOT to do at your new job:
#1. Walk in on your boss naked.
#2. Entertain your wildest fantasies (multiple times).
#3. Wake up naked next to him.

TYLER on Amazon (Paid Link)
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Don’t have sex with your club boss’s sister.
That’s MC code 101.
Good thing I don’t play by the rules.

Billionaire Baby DADDY on Amazon (Paid Link)
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When Ella Rawson had a one-night-fling with Marcus Willingham, a powerful billionaire and the only son of an old-moneyed elite family, she knew nothing more could come of it. But now, years later, she’s a woman in a dilemma. She’s caught in a custody battle with her ex. Only Marcus can help her keep her daughter… So, she decides to surprise-call the man she’d swore to never see again, begging for his support. And his DNA!

SOLD: Highest Bidder on Amazon (Paid Link)
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When Joe Francis, powerful billionaire CEO agrees to go to an auction where young women sell themselves to the highest bidder, he’s only there to close one of the largest business deals in the history of his company. He doesn’t expect to see Sophia—his late best friend’s sister—on the stage. But when an old rival begins to bid, Joe decides to get involved, winning the auction and the girl.

Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby on Amazon (Paid Link)
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I hate him—the man who’d taken my innocence and stranded me in a hotel room. Now, here he is in front of my desk introducing himself as my new boss. He’s sexier than ever, and I have to work with him—work for him! What’s worse, he doesn’t even recognize me! What will happen if he finds out that he’s the father of my child?

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