Meet the Men of Sweetest Obsessions: AJ & Austin

A Book Character Interview

Chasing Casey
A Love Triangle Romance
By Jane Anthony

Two men. One woman. One impossible choice.

Country girl, Casey, finds herself torn between rocker AJ Morello and her family’s ranch hand, Austin Krehley. Two different men hold different pieces of her heart, but she can only choose one.

Heat Level: ??? = multiple explicit scenes

Meet AJ & Austin in Chasing Casey!

Hey guys!! I know a lot of people are excited to meet you so tell us a little bit about yourself. 

AJ: “Yo. I’m AJ Morello. I’m from New Jersey originally, but my girlfriend’s from Texas, so I guess, by default, so am I.” 

Austin: “Aww shiiit. They ain’t talkin’ you, son! Get over yourself and step aside. I’m Austin, from the great state of Texas.”

haha now now. There are enough readers to go around! No need to fight. Let’s start this off easy, What’s your favorite thing to do?

AJ: “Besides making Casey squeal? Rock out on my drum set.” 

Austin: “Hangin’ on the porch after a hard day’s work having a beer with my girl.”

Well AJ that sounds… nice. You too Austin. Sounds very relaxing. What makes you angry? Are you short-tempered? How do you overcome your anger?

AJ: “Besides that redneck fuck, Austin? haha. My sister tells me I have an attitude problem but she’s peaches and fuckin’ cream all the damn time, so what the fuck does she know? But yeah, I guess I do have sort of a short fuse, but a few hours alone with my kit and I feel better.” 

Austin: “I don’t get angry. I get even.”

Remind me not to make you guys angry. I didn’t mean to hit a nerve. Let’s dial it back down. What is your most cherished childhood memory?

AJ: “My dad.” 

Austin: “Learning how to ride horses with my pops.”

Aww. That’s so beautiful guys. What about If you were given complete freedom to start afresh, what profession would you choose and why?

AJ: “Professional drummer because music is life. I already eat and breathe heavy metal. May a well get paid for it, too.” 

Austin: “I’m perfectly happy here on the ranch. Least, I was until that yank showed up.” 

If given a chance to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?

AJ: “In bed with my girl” 

Austin: “Real men don’t stop workin’ still the sun goes down.”

Well since you brought it up AJ, I gotta ask. What’s your favorite position? I know its personal, but I just gotta know! 😉

AJ: “I’m a equal opportunity fucker. I like all positions. But, if I had to choose, Casey on top so I can look up at her beautiful face as she comes apart.” 

Austin: “That’s personal, need to know info. I ain’t about sharin’ that shit with you.”

*clears my throat * Well okay then, I’m sorry Austin. Let’s change the topic. Tell our readers why we should read your book.

AJ: “Because I said so!” 

Austin: “To tell Casey to wise up. Ditch that zero and get with a hero.” 

AJ is the epitome of bad boy blended with good guy. From his rugged good looks to his quirky charm, he is all man. Mix that with his alpha male demeanor and you have a perfectly imperfect man you’ll fell in love with right alongside Casey. Austin is a sweet, slow talking, southern gentleman. From his hard body to his silent strength, he’s completely swoony from cowboy hat to dusty boots. He’s controlled and thoughtful, the kind of man who’ll leave you thirsty for more. 

Interviewed by Summer Graystone

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