Sweetest Obsessions Countdown 22 Days – My Captain


A Second Chance Romance
By Andy Wayne

I had everything I wanted.

We had love, a house and steady work.

We were going to have a child.

Then it was over—no warning. 

I don’t know why she left. 

But I’ll never stop missing her. 

I was tired of struggling through life.

There was no substance, no stability. 

I find one good man, and he turns out to be a cheat. 

That was the way it had been for more than a decade. 

Now I’m stuck, alone on a couple’s cruise, and he’s at home with his pregnant wife.

Heat Level: ? = steamy

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The Author

About Andy Wayne:

Andy Wayne is a strong-willed woman who loves writing her equally challenging alpha male characters. She loves to make the pages sizzle, adding a little flare to her readers’ lives one alluring book at a time. 

She enjoys writing about all the many lovely varieties of men, from dark and brooding, the light and funny, to mysterious and quietly demanding. But she makes sure that each of her men have eyes for only their contemporary woman.

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