Sweetest Obsessions Countdown 12 days – Escaping Purgatory


A Romantic Comedy
By Kristi Adams

A road trip with a handsome stranger? Yes, please.

“Buy a farm. It’ll be fun,” they said. Weren’t those some famous last words. Now, Molly McGill is so busy she doesn’t know whether she’s found a rope, or lost a horse. At first, Molly thought being a proud co-owner of the most popular farm-to-table restaurant in small-town Purgatory, Tennessee was fun. At least, it used to be until her brother James wrote a book about the experience that instantly catapulted him in to celebrity chef-world stardom and out of his mind. Reservations are pouring in – along with starry-eyed tourists and locals – and James has fully embraced being the newest star of the show.

Molly, on the other hand, is about ready to drop from exhaustion. But exhaustion turns to horror, when she accidentally intercepts a set of new retail sketches in a neighboring town – and discovers James has secretly mortgaged their farm to further his empire. She’s ready to torch the place and claim the insurance money when the last straw arrives on her doorstep – in a luxury food truck no less. Jake Hall isn’t your typical last straw but he is determined to cash in on opportunity and sell his truck to James. Furious, she impulse-buys the truck herself and flees Purgatory with the truck’s handsome proprietor in tow.

But, never in her wildest dreams could Molly imagine that this unannounced stranger … might also hold the keys to her heart.

Heat Level: ? = sweet (would be classified as a “clean” romance)

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The Author

About Kristi Adams:

With stories full of humor and heart – Kristi Adams is an internationally published bestselling author and travel writer, with works featured in several anthologies and numerous international publications, including eight books featured in the world bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul. 

Kristi began her writing career as a technical writer and weapons officer serving in the United States Air Force. She has published extensively for the American military magazine, Stars and Stripes Europe, with hundreds of articles written on travel destinations across the globe, and cultural experiences through food and drink. Kristi is passionate about writing for military families, and her work has been featured in several military journals, including Eddie & Ozzie Award-nominated Military Spouse magazine in 2018. The Eddie & Ozzie Awards recognize excellence in magazine editorial and design across all sectors of the industry. 

When she’s not writing, or telling a story – you’ll often find Kristi traveling through a foreign country – she’s been to 26, including living in Germany for four years. Wielding a pen in one hand, a glass of wine in the other – she’ll probably be laughing out loud at a joke that may … or may not be in her head.

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