SOLD: Highest Bidder

SOLD: Highest Bidder

A Billionaire CEO Romance Novel

I bought her at an auction.
My best friend’s sister.

How I wound up at the auction?
I’m only here to close a multimillion-dollar deal.
Until she walks out on stage.
I could tell she didn’t recognize me.
My best friend’s sister.
Before I could stop myself, I put in a bid.
I was the asshole who got to walk away with her on my arm.
That fucking dress.
It left little to the imagination.
I told myself I wouldn’t touch her—shouldn’t touch her.
Not like this, not after bidding on her at some seedy underground auction.
But I wanted to make sure she was safe.
How could someone so gorgeous, classy, and smart be a virgin?
She said she couldn’t be bought.
But she was everything I never knew I wanted.
And now, she was mine.
All mine.

From USA Today bestselling author, Jolie Day, comes SOLD, a top-of-the-line story, a sparkling Alpha Billionaire CEO romance dripping with sexual tension, and an ending that will surprise everybody. Get ready for a wild ride!

Steam Level: multiple explicit scenes,
Full-length novel, 180 pages, no cliffhanger,
Crossover with the new Outlaw Series

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“You’ll be Breathless! I carried my kindle around with me, plopping down to immerse myself in this love story, breathless! There’s a lot going on here, Not an insta-love for simpletons. You’ll feel for these people because it’s all about heart.” –Bookbub Reviewer

“Hot, steamy, sexy, sizzling! The chemistry between Sophia and Joe is certainly rockin. OMG the characters in the book are fun.” –Amazon Reviewer

“Many LOL moments throughout. Great banter between the characters. Read this book in one sitting because it was that good!!” –Amazon Reviewer

“It’s been awhile since I read a book that I enjoyed so much.” –VINE VOICE

“I fell in love with Joe.” –Amazon Reviewer

“This story was so much more than I expected. I honestly thought it would be a feel-good, lots of hot sex without a lot of actual plot, kind of thing. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it wasn’t that sort of story… I would describe it as a steamy love story with lots of turns and a character development that you wouldn’t expect from the title. This book kept me awake the whole night, because I just couldn’t stop reading.” –Amazon Reviewer

“Jolie brought the A game with SOLD. It’s a mix of sibling best friend, office and suspense which made for a bumpy, adventurous and gripping ride. Expect the unexpected. You won’t be disappointed.” Amazon Reviewer

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“Oh my gosh, I so so loved this book. I could not get enough of it. The steam that rolled from it was amazing and the storyling was intense and held my attention. Let me tell you I stayed up way to late reading and got up way too early to start back.” -Anna M.

“It gets better and better. This book is a real page-turner. I wanted to read faster but at the same time, I did not want to miss anything. Jolie Day writes mysterious stories that I cannot put down once I start reading.” –Amazon Reviewer

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“Absolutely amazing book!!! I really enjoyed Joe and Sophia’s sexy love story. The beauty and delight of this story is in the journey. The push and pull are strong between these two, the chemistry is off the charts, and the serious, tender moments are so wonderful, and then we have the mystery and suspense! The secondary characters make this book shine!! This is my first book by this author and I’m hooked.” –Amazon Reviewer

“5+++ stars. I read this book from beginning to end without stopping. I could not stop turning the pages. It is full if twists from page 1 to the last page.”Amazon Reviewer

“This book ends with a surprise! Wow!” –GoodReads Reviewer


“Nice tits, eh, Joe?” Geoff leered at the two women being paraded around. He looked like an animal ready to pounce.

“Yeah, they’re beautiful,” I said without even taking a closer look. 

“You going to bid?” 

Of course I wasn’t going to bid. I had met my fair share of women who looked exactly like those on stage. Hell, I’d even dated them, but over the years I’d grown bored. I wasn’t interested in what they had to offer, nor was I interested in the auction itself. 

I was only here to get Geoff to sign off on our deal and move on. 

I opened my mouth to tell him as much, but my words were drowned out by the sudden excitement of the crowd. I turned my attention toward what had caused the commotion.

As soon as the curtains parted, I found myself instantly drawn to her. She wasn’t as tall as the others, but her body curved into an hour-glass figure. Her long auburn hair was draped over her shoulders, falling in soft curls around her freckled face. Large brown eyes studied the room as she gave the interested crowd a hesitant glance. 

Our eyes locked. 

I could tell that she didn’t recognize me. Why would she? We’d first met a lifetime ago, but I recognized her, and I couldn’t stop staring, even when she looked away. 

She was nervous, that much was clear by the way she was shifting her weight from one foot to the other while she tugged on the hem of her short dress.

That fucking dress. 

It left little to the imagination, but I couldn’t help admire her body through the thin fabric. I was sure that if she bent over, I’d be able to see her ass and then some. The thought was enough to make my cock twitch with interest. 

Geoff leaned forward in his seat, giving me a grin. “Look at her.” He was practically drooling. “Never seen anyone like her here before.”

I was looking, and I didn’t intend to stop. 

All around me, men started bidding. Soon the room was filled with exchanged murmurs as they tried to outbid each other. All the while, her eyes danced around the crowd, wide with surprise at the effect she caused. She tried to shrink back, but the bodyguard was in the way, nudging her forward. 

Eventually, even the hushed voices became few as the price rose higher and higher. Suddenly, one voice rose higher than the rest, offering a heady number. I broke eye contact with her to see the man who’d made the call. 

Benji Cunning.

The thought of her being touched by that miserable son of a bitch was enough to spur me into action. Before I could stop myself, I put in a bid.

For a good ten seconds, no one matched it. Then Benji did, giving me an amused smirk.

There was no fucking way I was letting him outbid me. I glanced toward the stage and then raised my bid. We went back and forth, the other bidders dropping out. The entire time, Benji stared at her like she was a piece of meat, and not the stunning beauty I knew she was. I decided I would die before I ever allowed him to be alone in the same room with her.

I called out the obscenest dollar amount I could think of, watching with sick pleasure as the color drained from his face. 

Her eyes widened in shock. 

Benji couldn’t match me. And even if he would’ve tried, it was too late. The auction was over. 

She was mine.

* * *

Forty. Thousand. Dollars. 

As I was led back to my room, my mind was spinning. Even after Fiona had taken her cut, I’d still walk away with twenty-eight thousand dollars. More than enough to catch up on my bills and take care of myself while I looked for a new job. 

Danny, my bodyguard, showed me to my room, a small smirk on his lips. “Well done, Cherry. Your lucky bidder will be here soon.”

“I told you I hate that nickname.”

“Too bad. It’s even more appropriate than it was before. ‘Cause of your red hair and virginity. Get it?”

“Jokes are always funnier when they have to be explained.” We came to a stop outside my door. “You’re not going to be in the room with us, are you?” 

He snorted and rolled his eyes. “No. It’s not that kind of place.” He opened the door for me, stepping aside, and I walked in. “I’ll be out here in case you need me. But otherwise, you and your date can bang in peace.” He glanced at my breasts and made a suggestive gesture with his tongue, motioning it against the inside of his cheeks.

What a creep. I hated myself for blushing, and I tried to hide my red face by looking away.

“There should be an envelope for you inside.” Danny nodded toward the room. “And before you get any ideas, you can’t leave before Mr. Francis gets here. Bad for business.”

“Damn. Can’t blame a girl for trying.”

With that, he closed the door, leaving me all alone in the room. Once the coast was clear, I collapsed onto the bed, my head in my hands as my breathing started to pick up.

The lead-up to the auction had been the most nerve-wracking time of my life. While I was treated with the utmost respect, the reality of what I was doing had fully set in. “It’s fine, it’ll be fine, you can do this,” I told myself. “It’s just a night with a guy. No big deal. Virginity is just a social construct, anyway. Yup. That’s totally it. Just keep telling yourself that.”

Social construct or not, I had just sold my first time having sex to a random stranger, who was probably on his way to my room right that second. Seeing those men toss their money around made me sick to my stomach. There I was, trying to earn money to survive, while they threw thousands away as if it meant nothing. 

Despite all of that, I forced myself to look on the bright side. Glancing up, I saw an envelope sitting on the dresser. An ice bucket sat next to it, containing a bottle of expensive champagne, and two glasses were beside the bucket.

I walked over to the envelope on shaking legs. The heft and thickness took me by surprise. I peeked inside and saw a slew of crisp hundreds and twenties. It was enough to give me heart palpitations, and I quickly closed the envelope. 

Glancing around, I found my backpack in the armchair in the corner, where the bellman had dropped it when I first arrived. I tucked the envelope safely between my faded jeans and Abercrombie T-shirt I’d packed for later after it was all done, when I could leave again as myself. 

I was just putting the bag back when I heard footsteps outside my door. 

My heart jumped into my throat as I went to sit “casually” by the window and crossed my legs. The doorknob turned and in walked my highest bidder. 

He was taller than I realized, and his broad shoulders and muscular physique were intimidating. There was a dark aura about him that made my body tense and the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. His dark hair was slicked back from his handsome face, except for a thin strand that fell into his eyes. Hazel eyes—brilliant hazel eyes that immediately met mine. 

I got the sense that he was a man whose bad side you’d want to avoid at all costs.

He let the door close behind him. “Hello, Sophia.”

End of the sneak peek.

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