Hell’s Seven MC Romance

After faking my own death,
I’m back.
And now I’ve blown it.
Big time.

I wasn’t supposed to touch her.
I was ordered to watch over her, be her “bodyguard.”
She’s the MC boss’s little sister,
And I’m just a guy who does her brother’s dirty work.

We’ve known each other for years,
But nothing could have prepared me for that night.
Her sass, her curves—She brought me to my knees.

When Vorn finds out I touched his sister,
I’m dead.
I’m not the guy she wants.
I’m the asshole with a dangerous past.
But I can’t bring myself to walk away.

Suddenly, things spiral out of control.
The woman I was sworn to protect is gone.
I failed to keep her safe.

But I will get her back.
And I will stop at nothing until she’s safe in my arms.
Even if that means burning down the city.

From USA Today bestselling author, Jolie Day, comes TYLER, a stand-alone Hell’s Seven MC biker romance. Be prepared for a sizzling story and get ready for a wild ride! Warning: Contains adult sexiness and tons of steam.
Full-length novel, no cliffhanger.

TYLER is part of the new Outlaw biker series. Can be read as standalone.

Steam Level: multiple explicit scenes,
Full-length novel, 200 pages, no cliffhanger

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Tyler is part of the Outlaw biker series
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Check out the short excerpt below.

Here’s what some of you are saying:

“5 Stars. I don’t hand out 5 star reviews often or lightly! Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the story but was extremely impressed with the editing, as in nothing to stall the progress of the read. I didn’t know I liked books about MCs, but Tyler was such an interesting character you can’t help but to like him.” –Amazon Reviewer

“Tyler is too hot for the charts.”Amazon Reviewer

“Tyler is not your typical biker, but he’s definitely a woman’s dream come true! A must READ!” –GoodReads Reviewer

“Wow! Tyler and Monica set the pages on fire with the passion they desperately try to deny…The quirks of their relationship had me giggling right along with them. Add in totally unexpected twists and this is a winning read.” –Amazon Reviewer

“Addictive. I LOVED this book!! I am already exciting for the next one in this series. I Adore the way this author writes, it is so captivating and realistic. The words just flowed and spilled from chapter to chapter with such ease, I became completely lost to this story and forgot all sense of time.”Amazon Reviewer

“I am so in LOVE with this book and with Jolie Day’s writing style. I knew from the first chapter it was 5 star material.”GoodReads Reviewer

“What a great love story and all that sizzling heat!! Dang …”GoodReads Reviewer 

“The chemistry between Tyler and Monica was hot and intense. He belonged to the Hell’s Seven MC. She was the sister to the Club’s President, Vorn. Huge surprise at the end! Good read!” –Amazon Reviewer

“LOVE THIS SERIES.” –Amazon Reviewer

“I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT…the detail, the banter, the descriptions are so perfect. I adore Tyler and his playful attitude. There is NOTHING I do not like, I just love everything about Tyler and Monica’s story.” –GoodReads Reviewer

“A huge secret is revealed! Didn’t see it coming! This is a great MC romance!” –Amazon Reviewer

“I have read previous books in this series, and they never disappoint…there is never a dull moment!”Amazon Reviewer

“I have read a lot of Jolie Day’s books and can say that Tyler is now my favourite read. This MC themed plot was a well written, sassy read, with a clever, well suited couple who steamed up the kindle as they discovered their chemistry. I enjoyed the touch of intrigue and danger with a twist I didn’t see coming. A swoon worthy, tattooed hero and an independent, strong heroine is always a recipe for enjoyment and Day has knocked it out of the park with her latest offering.” –Amazon Reviewer

“I have to admit I was never a big fan of biker gang love stories, but this one was quite different!!! I was hooked from page one and nothing could pull me away from it till the last page. Love the story line, rough, feisty, steamy hot, and also one jaw dropping secret which I totally did not see it coming.”Amazon Reviewer

“Good flow to the story. The destination was not what I was expecting – it was better.”Amazon Reviewer

“The characters had incredible undeniable attraction and chemistry…”Amazon Reviewer

“WOW!! Just WOW!! Excitement, adventure, danger, chemistry, love! Loved this story. It flowed so well, I didn’t want to put it down. Tyler and Monica were great together no matter how much they fought it. Lee and Marlene were hilarious! Can’t wait for Vorn’s story.”Amazon Reviewer

It was flawlessly written & it gave me all the sensations, from the toe curling sexual chemistry, to a deep dark danger with an unimagined surprise.”Bookbub Reviewer


She did have a nice ass. And great tits, no doubt. But she was also the most frustrating woman I’d ever met. 

And that was saying something.

Did she think I fucking liked having to keep an eye on her all the time? There were a shit-ton of other things I’d rather be doing than being her personal bodyguard. But her brother needed me to make sure she was safe, and I was gonna do my damn job.

I didn’t make the rules. Gang wars were bloody, savage, and never-ending. We might be working to change how we do things, but that didn’t mean the enemy was. She was connected to one of the most notorious gangs in the history of the East Coast. Guilty by association.

Our enemy didn’t care that she wasn’t directly involved. She was the sister of the leader. 

That’s all that mattered to them. 

That was all the ammo they needed.

As I went through my morning routine, I wondered what fresh hell waited for me. It wasn’t just because Vorn was my boss. It was because I believed him. I learned a long time ago to trust my gut instinct. And right now, it was screaming at me, telling me that Monica was in danger. 

The timing was just too perfect to be a coincidence. Reports of our rivals in town just as we started to regroup and reform? Nah, it was too spot on. Too on the nose. I didn’t believe in coincidences. 

Finished with my run, I headed upstairs to shower. I stripped off my sweaty clothes and let the hot water soothe my sore muscles as it washed away my sweat. 

Monica was a reasonable person. Sure, she was uptight, independent to the point of self-destruction, snippy, and kind of a stick in the mud, but still, reasonable. All I had to do was get her to see past her emotions long enough to realize we were just trying to help. 

Of course, I was the second to last person she wanted to talk to—but screw it. Making sure she didn’t get hurt was more important than her comfort level.

I turned off the shower and pushed open the glass door for my towel. The rack was empty.

“Fuck.” I had forgotten it in my room.

I took a minute to shake the water from my hair, letting the excess drip before stepping onto the bathroom mat. 

I had to hurry. Monica would be getting ready for work soon, and I didn’t want to risk her slipping away from me. I grabbed my towel from my room and quickly dried off. 

It turned out, I didn’t have to worry. Because just as I dropped my towel on the floor—Monica walked in.I could see her pupils dilate when I turned to face her, giving her the full view.

The intent and determination in her round bright-brown eyes were immediately replaced by shock. She froze with one hand on the doorknob, her mouth slightly agape.

I didn’t know why she was here. 

She’d never let herself into my house before. She also hadn’t fucking knocked. Just burst right in like she owned the place. What the hell was she thinking? 

Neither of us spoke.

I was butt-naked, uncovered for her to see. Her face turned bright red and her mouth closed with a snap. But I was still focused on her eyes, and I saw everything.

The way her gaze roamed my body before snapping back up to meet mine. Her chest rose and fell faster, her throat constricting when she swallowed. 

I had no idea why I didn’t cover myself.

Granted, modesty wasn’t really in my vocabulary. I was proud of the physique I managed to maintain in my isolation. I had no qualms about getting naked when I wanted or needed to. 

I should’ve at least attempted it. I even thought about picking up my towel again but ended up giving her an eyeful. I saw the way she stared at me, and suddenly, there was a shift.

She wanted me. Maybe she didn’t realize her nipples perked up, or maybe it was just because of that moment, but she definitelywanted what I was packing.

She didn’t leave. Hell, she didn’t even make an attempt to look away. She just kept standing there, staring at me with those wide eyes of hers. The proud, headstrong Monica reduced to a blushing, babbling mess?


For a brief second, I almost considered giving it to her. Almost.“Good morning. Can I help you?” I asked instead.

End of the sneak peek.

TYLER now available:
eBook: Available on Amazon
Audiobook: Audible
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