Accidental Roommate is live!

My high school crush returns.
The bad boy who broke my heart. ?
The alpha male I vowed to never see again.
I should run.
I move in with him instead.

Dear Readers,

Accidental Roommate (paid link) is now available for your devouring. This is a new novel from USA Today Bestselling Author Jolie Day.

There’s no doubt about it: the bad boy feels good

Maya St. James knows this all too well. 

When fate pairs her with her old high school crush, she finds herself in a confusing situation. Maya knows she should run away—instead, she moves into his Upper East-Side apartment.

He’s forbidden fruit, but she wants a taste. The muscles, the brawn, the cocky attitude. Does he take this much charge between the sheets? But how will Maya react when she finds out why he left her all those years ago? There’s only one way to find out. 

Pull up a chair and take a bite!

Steam Level: ??? = multiple explicit scenes

Now Available:
eBook: Available on Amazon (paid link)

Happy reading!

Fake Girlfriend is live!

Today is a day to celebrate: My newest romance is officially released.

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it thrilled the human. If you’re curious about my steamy new novel, His Fake GF, prepare to be appeased. Come read an excerpt (download the free long preview here), but—fair warning—do it somewhere safe. In other words, maybe don’t read it in front of your grandma.

It’s not easy being New York’s best marketing CEO, but Aaron Patterson could do it in his sleep. No one can deny that, not even the woman who wants to: Audrey Miller, the headstrong and beautiful cousin of the man whose company Patterson sets to take over.

When Audrey agrees to play Patterson’s girlfriend for a while to prevent the acquisition, the fronts are clear:

No sex.
No falling in love.
And no more trying to buy out her family’s business.

The longer the charade lasts, the less Audrey can resist the billionaire she’s sworn to hate. How can she save her cousin’s company if falling for him wasn’t part of the deal?

Are you more curious than before? Are you buckled in and ready for a wild ride? Get the full book here for a special new release discount. But only for a limited time.

His Fake GF is available here:
Kindle eBook on Amazon
Paperback on Amazon
(Paid Links to Amazon)

P.S. “His Fake FG” was narrated by my favorite narrator (yes, the one with the sexiest voice on the entire planet). Don’t believe me? Lend me your ears and take a listen.

Here’s what some of you had to say:

“I really enjoyed this book it made me laugh out loud in spots and for me that is a great read. When she sees the stranger from the night before at her job this is where the real fun starts.” -Amazon Reviewer

“5 stars. Jolie Day never disappoints! Jolie’s books are always well written with exceptional editing.”  -Amazon Reviewer

“It could not have been any better.”  -Amazon Reviewer

“The story has once again shown why Jolie Day is my ultimate favourite author. She makes my day every time she brings out a new story.” -Amazon Reviewer

“I found myself in love with not only the characters but also the world that was created.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Little suspense and a bouquet of sexiness—this one was a gem!”  -Amazon Reviewer

“I liked the story from start to finish. This author did a great job of weaving humor and seriousness in the story line.”  -Amazon Reviewer

“Such a wicked good read.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Jolie Day knows how to write an engaging and steamy plot with women who are confident and likeable, whose strength ensures they get their man.” -Amazon Reviewer

“If you love books about sexy men and the strong women they fall in love with then you need to read this book.” -Amazon Reviewer

“Lots of twists and turns, and lots of steamy encounters! Excellent book!” -Amazon Reviewer

My steamy Enemies-to-Lovers Romance was my contribution to the SweetestObsessions Boxset back in August. It is now available for individual sale for a steal of a deal, but only for a limited time!

If you love panty-dropping, page-turning stories with sassy-witty heroines and sexy alpha bosses, then you will love this standalone romance novel.

Happy reading!


Cover Photography: 
Michelle Lancaster

Sweetest Obsessions Countdown 1 day – His Fake GF


An Enemies to Lovers Romance
By Jolie Day

Aaron Patterson.
Cold. Controlling. Domineering jerk.
CEO of our rival company.
…And my new fake boyfriend.

When Aaron Patterson, New York’s most brilliant marketing CEO, asks Audrey Miller to pose as his fake girlfriend, she has a few ground rules. No sex and no more trying to buy out her family’s business. But as she gets to know the man she’s sworn to hate, Audrey begins to suspect her heart just might get the better of her.

Heat Level: ??? = multiple explicit scenes

Preorder your copy: Sweetest Obsessions

The Author

About Jolie Day:

From a sexy alpha hero and laugh-out-loud moments to the happily-ever-after. If you stay up way too late reading steamy romance novels, then you’re in the right place!

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a book in my hands. This love of reading turned into a love for writing and, after graduation, I’ve worked as an editor for a few small publications. That’s how I ended up becoming an author.

Love and Hope are the most important words in my life and in my novels. I am a hopeless romantic who firmly believes in the power of love. My absolute favorite genre to write is romance, more specifically alpha men and bad boy novels, combined with a touch of romantic suspense.

Do you want to read about the knight in shining armor willing to do anything to protect his woman? Then my books are for you. 

Everyone’s a Winner!

Dear Readers,

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1. Yes, you will be able to download the audiobook from Jenny Foster’s website – or you can listen on her website directly.

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